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Fast Moving White Smoke And Lights?


Last night I had a weird experience and I can't make out if it was a good or bad one.

I went to bed feeling quite tired but couldn't sleep, after about ¾ of an hour, even though my eyes were closed, I experienced like a flashing of light. We live very rural and have no outside lights or street lights. When I opened my eyes I thought I was looking at my chandelier on the ceiling, then realised it couldn't be as the chandelier is at the foot of the bed not above the top of the bed. As I tried to make out this "reflection/double vision/whatever it was", I noticed it was changing shape. What I was seeing was like white/grey smoke, constantly moving, really fast and tiny white lights, so parts of it looked like snow in a snow storm, the "smoke" was a big area, hovering over my bed. It became quite dense and some of the tiny lights were other colours, reds and purples I think and all moving really fast like a puff of smoke would if exposed to a draft. At this point I thought MY HOUSE COULD BE ON FIRE AND I AM JUST WATCHING IT! But in those few seconds of thinking that, I couldn't actually believe it. I had left my 19 years old son watching TV and had my mobile by my bed, I phoned him and asked him to come to my room and not to put the light on as he came in. Well he thought that was a bit creepy but after coaxing he came in, unfortunately with his phone light on and with that light the "smokey things with lights" couldn't be seen. He sat on the bed next to me and I turned his phone off and I just said "watch". I saw the smoke/lights again and he said "what the hell is that!" There, I could have explained my seeing this vision because some could say I was half asleep etc, or because I have been suffering from an eye infection and my vision was a bit blurred still or because I am going through a really tough time in my life and may be susceptible to visions/hallucinations etc, but I can't explain my son seeing exactly the same thing as me, I asked him to describe what he could see BEFORE I told him what I could see and he said "it's like the northern lights/stars in smoke swishing around above your bed." We watched for a while, as it moved around and experimented by turning the light on and off, we could just make it out with a light on at that point. Eventually it died down and the smoke seemed to disappear, as I went to sleep my ceiling looked like the night sky, the tiny lights still there, like the stars. I think the smoke experience lasted about an hour though!

This morning it dawned on me that I should have tried to take photo with the phone, if this ever happens again I will. I have also had to message my son from work and ask him did that really happen, he just messaged back "yes is did"!

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jojosully1 (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-14)
ECLP your comments were interesting, since it is not as vivid now I think what I am seeing is very similar to you, constant and fast moving waves of white/grey covering almost the whole room, mine is not in my eyes but in front of me like I could reach out and touch it
ECLP (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-13)
i also see the smoke but I don't see lights. And instead of a smoke screen its more like vivid waves of white color flowing through my eyes.
jojosully1 (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-13)
Thank you for your comments, always interesting to hear others peoples opinions.

ProfKelly, I took the psychic type assessment, surprisingly purple was my lowest score with blue my highest and black second.

The "smoke and light effect" is still present but now much much less visiable, could be tricky to catch on video (but still seen by me and my 3 teenage children, even with me out of room). My daughter had a similiar experience without the lights a couple of weeks ago in her room but didn't want to say before because it sounded silly she thought.

There has also been a some weird noises and footsteps the past few weeks experienced by the whole family.

On the night it happened the first time, I am sure I was hearing noises I can't explain preventing me from sleeping and when in the room I'm sure there is just something going on, there's shadows, movement in my peripheral vision and a general feeling that all is not still and quiet even though I am calm and logical. I haven't slept in that room since and it has not been experienced anywhere else in the house.

MagneticGaze123 I am worried that your awareness is intensifying your experience, whatever the experience is, that's why I am sleeping elsewhere for the time being. I can't say I have been terrified, intrigued and a bit spooked yes, I think I would literally be telling it to go away and asking for protection from the powers that be if it scared me that much! Post an update
ProfKelly (38 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-10)
If you only saw the lights and white smoke, my response would point out the strong likelihood of these being only mild visual hallucinations. Since someone else was present, it of course gets more complicated. Either there is a normal explanation, a physical source, OR there is a paranormal explanation.

In regard to the latter, most jump to the conclusion that either the source was a "entity," or the source was him or herself (i.e. Psychokinesis). Whether the source was "normal" can likely be determined by assessing the area and conditions if it happens again (e.g. Due to an electrical issue, another light source, etc.). Whether the source was you or an entity may be determined if next time, you leave the room while your son stays in the room to see if the lights/smoke dissipates.

Again, there is no way to identify the source unless the cause is normal or the results are reproducible, e.g. If you are the source and you can figure out 'why' you are doing it and under what conditions. However, I recommend video recording the event next time, if there is a next time, rather taking photos, as you will likely get better visual results. Things to ask yourself if it continues to occur: (1) is it always in the same place, (2) is it always around the same time, these would suggest a more normal cause. However, if (1) it happens in other places, (2) at other times, these 'could' suggest something else.

Just a shot in the dark, but you can take the following 'Psychic Type' assessment for free online. If you score high in Type Purple (Lumokinesis/Influences of luminous energy), this 'may' be a sign that you are the source. In addition, Type Yellows (Telekinetic/Influences electrical energy) and Type Greys (Autokinetic/Influences many types of energy) can also produce similar effects. If you score high in Type Black, this 'may' suggest that an entity is the source, BUT you 'may' be the source of the of the extra energy required for the entity to produce these results (Physical Mediumship). Http://

Hope this helps!
MagneticGaze123 (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-10)
I'm experiencing the same things for the past week. It used to happen when me and one particular friend would sit in the dark. Now its happening to me alone and I can't sleep. When I turn off the lights I hear knocking sounds. And see white smoky mist at foot of my bed condenscing. Its happen everynight at around 1-3 am. Other people can hear also the knocking but only I can see the white smoke. I am terrified and not sure what I can do to stop it. The hotel I stay in is mostly empty as I am now in holiday in Ethiopia. Its making me tired and people think I'm making it up. Please help me. I m always with the light on because I don't want to see any spirits. What do?

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