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Sage, My Brother And My Home


In this post, I'll share my brother's experiences (because my first post got too long and I think my brother's experiences are interesting). I will also include people's/my experiences with my apartment.

*I wrote the headings in capitals and gave spaces to each event for easier finding.*

*I have added this symbol (hash tag) -> # to those paragraphs that I consider important to read*

*click Ctrl and F together and press # to make life easier*

*If you have any doubt in my experiences, during reading, please discontinue reading.

I would prefer my experiences to be read fully by people who take paranormal matters seriously*

*I am always welcome for your own opinions/similar experiences so please comment with all your heart (I honestly don't mind long paragraphs!) *

My brother is 8 years old. We have a 9 year gap (pretty crazy, huh?). I know him inside out. When I was younger, I took care of him. Changed his diapers (terrifying experience), danced/hummed him to sleep (My tired legs often gave out) and played with him (as every sibling should do).

As he grew older, I took care of him after school and now that he attends school, we walk home together, share a room together and I often play the xbox with him.

As he grows, his abilities start to show much prominently. I'm surprised that he has so many experiences at such a young age.


P.S. My brother also has 'predicting the future' dream that I haven't included here as I have already mentioned it on the first post I have put up (Another reason is that I hate repetition when writing chunky paragraphs).


When we moved into our new apartment (two bedroom), my baby brother constantly cried at night. With this, my mom decided to switch rooms with me. Fast forward a few years, we got my brother a bed so that he could start sleeping in my room. There were only two possible outcomes when he tried sleeping in his bed. 1, he wouldn't. He would ask if he could sleep in my mom's room instead. And 2, he would successfully fall asleep in his bed only to wake up from a nightmare.

And so, a strange period of 'getting used to' his bed commenced. When my mom got us a second-hand bunk bed (from her friend that's moving back to her country), he seemed contented with it. Insuring company of teddy bears, blankets and me, right under him, he felt safe.

Now this is when things got a bit strange.

When waking up from a nightmare, you usually get a fright, wake up sweating, right?

Well, it's completely different with my brother.

After one year of getting used to my room, I have had no nightmares whatsoever (roughly 4 years of no nightmares now). Even if what I was seeing was gruesome or scary images, I do not feel startled or scared. Usually I feel like I'm floating and feeling 'neutral'; I have no emotions, just neutral.

And in comparison to my brother, we have a huge difference.

He would usually wake up and cry, asking to go to my mom but as he reached the age of 5/6, things started to change. He would wake up with his hands shaking, bloodshot eyes, searching the room frantically. If you tried to calm him down, he would only get pissed off at you and start saying things too fast that his speech would become too slurred. This was fine. I thought maybe, he had a really intense nightmare. I would call my mom and he'd be fine after a few minutes.

One particular nightmare he had scared the crap out of me. He woke up in the middle of the night (I was awake on my laptop) and he woke up walking around the room, paranoid, blood shot.

I kind of laughed it off. I was used to this by now. Another nightmare; he'd act a bit crazy and I'd send him off to mom. The end.

I light-heartedly asked him 'what's wrong' several times but he kept mumbling to himself and continued to ignore me. I thought that this was his crazy sleep talking but, the fact that his eyes were wide open, bloodshot and mumbling/saying words very fast and slurred made me realize that this was abnormal. I sternly asked him what was wrong. He came up to my face and shushed me, telling me 'they can hear you!'. I was shocked and asked who. He ignored me and asked 'where's my sister?' I looked at him confused and told him 'dude, I'm right here'

He got mad as I told him that I'm his sister. I tried convincing him but he got mad 'No! You're mom! Where's sister?!' He stormed out the room and entered our sitting room, stood there in the middle, looking everywhere angrily 'Where is she?' I was scared. Could he not see me? Why could he see me as mom? Pushing aside my voice and my clothes?

The following morning, he didn't remember that event ever happening.

# I am truly convinced that a spirit entered my brother's body and that my brother is a body medium.

Other experiences, that I vaguely remember consist of:

(1) Him shaking me telling me that he wasn't crazy. His black part of his eyes were crazy wide to the point that only a small lining of brown from his iris was seen.

(2) Him mistaking my mom to be me, him storming angrily into my room

(3) Him waking up at my dad's place with an illusion of the bookshelf falling on top of him and the room being distorted (I remember him seriously telling me this and honestly his tone of voice was scared and confused)

My dad claims that he's had terrible nightmares when he was younger too but has only experienced a distorted room once.

#I've tried searching up this strange occurrence that my brother has but I haven't had much luck. My theory is that him, being a (body) medium, he's seeing as the spirits or his vision is stuck in the 'other/dead world'.


When my close friend, 'A' came to visit my home, I realized that the spirits were 'excited' or intrigued by her.

Events like stuff in the hallway falling down, 'A' mistaking an entity in the kitchen as being me when I was in the bedroom and voices heard by both me and her. Another experience was when we were both in the sitting room and we heard the washing machine rattling - only to find out later that it was never on and and was never loaded with clothes.

If you want to know more about my friend and my experiences, I suggest you to check out the first post I ever posted

If you've read the first one, as you know, my friend and I had experiences together. What freaks me out is her experience in this place in comparison to my brother's:

I think it was around Halloween 2013. I was still wide awake on the bottom bunk, on my laptop. I heard shuffling and him frantically going down his bunk. Again, bloodshot eyes and shaking hands. He looks towards the door, afraid and paranoid. I ask him what's wrong. He doesn't hear me at first. I told him to come on my bed and to hug me. His hands were crazily shaking. I hugged him for a moment and then asked him what was wrong. He told me that he saw a boy with blonde hair and red eyes holding an orange bucket. He was standing at the door, angry and looking down at his empty bucket. I even got him to draw a picture for me (I still need to find it though). The next day I asked him and his memory was hazed but recently I've asked him about the boy. He confirmed that the little boy had red eyes and a bucket - but that's all he remembers. I do think that this was his first time seeing a ghost.

A year ago, 'A' told me that he saw a kid with blonde hair standing at the hall. I think we were at the kitchen at that time. What's interesting is that to 'A', the ghost appeared friendly. The sun was apparently hitting his blonde hair.

A few weeks ago, I was playing an online game with 'A'. She wasn't singing properly - half-assed singing, so she sounded drunk. I was quiet and the room was too. Then she stopped. She asked me (offended) if I just laughed and I said no. She honestly heard me laughing - or someone imitating my voice. Later on the night, she heard me laugh again. I was pissed. I cursed and gave out aloud to the ghost, addressing it to shut up. I walk into my kitchen later on and our call kept ending although neither of us pressed the 'end call' button. We kept restarting the call but it would only last a few minutes. In my opinion, I think that the ghost was reacting badly to what I said (and honestly I should've never got annoyed and cursed at the ghost because that's what you get for being rude in general).


So I bought cheap sage from this Chinese shop in town. In my previous post, I mentioned an evil girl and a guy spirit occupying my room - I wasn't particularly happy with their company so I decided to do something about it. I used one sage stick. I sat on a chair in the middle of the room and lit it up. I watched it until the very end. The process was peaceful. Their presence was faded. I could feel how annoyed the girl felt as she slowly disappeared from the room. Strangely, the guy was neutral with this and faded too.

I felt safe in my own room again.

But when the sage burned out and it was all gone, I felt a huge burst of smoky/misty ghosts gathering in my room with yellow eyes. Yellow eyes. They were intrigued with the sage and at that very moment, I knew I made a huge mistake. In those last moments, a voice appeared in the back of my head and it was the girl 'Hah. You failed'. In her last moments, she was mocking me.

The girl disappeared entirely - I was glad but later on the week, I was able to feel multiply wandering spirits in my place; walking in my halls, staying in the sitting room, disrupting my calls and imitating my laugh. Although not as clearly as I used to

#In my understanding, the sage dulled MY senses and attracted them. Later on the week, I felt the guy's presence once again. I don't understand who he is or what he wants. All he does is sits crossed legged at the edge of my double bed, watching me with my daily tasks. Sometimes he speaks but I hear no words - almost like he's muted.

Obviously I don't see these ghosts with my open, normal eyes. Sometime it's the feel of the bed shifting heavier to one side, sometimes closed eyes and images flash or the fact that I just know. What I mean by that is the 'sense' or 'knowing' how these ghosts or spirits are acting, the way they're presented without much effort; Just a clear mind.

#I'm beginning to think that I have a third eye. A third eye disconnected from my normal eyes - but connected to my brain. I am discontinuing the use of sage as I'd prefer to have stronger senses than the sage dulling my abilities - which is scarier because the ability to 'only slightly feeling their presence and not able to make out what they look like or their current emotions' is scarier than sensing them clear and upfront.

Thank you for your time! If you want to know more about my experiences, please do check out my first post. Hopefully that one will help you understand this post easier (If you're having difficulty). And please give me your opinions, advice and feedback. Long paragraphs and personal experiences are always welcome!

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