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Hearing Yourself In Your Own Home?


I need help. I have been suffering from depression and sadness. Then the next day I feel good and happy. I feel drained on bad days and energetic on good. On bad days it is as if I can't shack it. It is as if I and being drained. I try to have positive thoughts, but only hear bad. I just can't shake it.

Then today I feel like I am going nuts. I feel/hear my mind, like it is bouncing off the wall, and I can't excepted it. Then I went outside. And at that very moment it went quite. I could no longer hear myself or the sounds. And it was calm. It was as if the world removed the negative junk immediately from my mind.

I have heard voice of the dead before. I used to work for a nursing home where I recall not wanting to go down a certain wing of the home. I saw black shadows and the voice I keep hearing keep saying, "I've got to get out of here!". I only heard it I that one spot.

But I don't know if what is going on now is a ghost, a demon, or just me picking up my own energy. Is it a spirit or is it me? I am very good at physical object reading... But people/ghost confuse me. How can you tell the difference?

Also how do you stop it. Obviously going outside put a stop to it. I hate the color white, and concentrating on a white light just annoys me. And it's really hard when I am under attack.

So far I have been inside now for two hours and I am not feeling/hearing it.

I don't know much on what to do and no one I know, knows that I am this way. I would prefer to keep it that way since my husband thinks it's all "crap".

Any suggestions? I have started to wear rose quartz and I have my beads (which help the most).

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RavenFeeders (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-15)
Thank you for your advice. I have continued to give this all some thought. It is a evil one I am sure, and I am aware of God's Light as a powerful barrier. I can be rid of it for a while, but it comes back. I feel it has attached itself to a member of my family, and it then leaches off of all of us. It is one the confuses, angers, incites, and depresses. It does this by pulling you into conversations with it whereas you feel you are under threat or needing to defend yourself. It feeds off your pride and vanity. So, I found relief now for several days by saying, "Don't talk to it". That helped me see past the confusion of it not being me, talking to me, but talking to something. In other words, I have named this, and now that I see it, I can attack it.

Yet, I have in the past had several "spirits" attach themselves to me. They too can confuse you because they are very prosistant in trying to get your attention. Some do not know that they are dead and others do. The ones that do tend to leave me alone, after I acknowledge them. Yet the ones that don't know, are much harder to deal with. But for me, the hardest part to all of this is getting to the point of knowing what I am dealing with.

I am still very willing to hear anyone's advice on perhaps quick ways to determine what is attached to you, or draining you? Thank you so much for the awesome reminder that the Lord's Light and Love is the best option we have. If only we could all remember that like we should. 😁
Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-14)
Hi RavenFeeders,

There is simple test you can do in order to determine if a spirit is good or bad. You see, a bad spirit (evil, demonic) cannot stay in the presence of God's Light and cannot stay if it's challenged by the name of Jesus. Such spirit will instantly free and if you still have the spirit around you, then you will know it's of good nature.


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