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My Brother's Future


This experience starts with a dream I had about 15 years ago, but not an ordinary dream, it is one of those dreams I have that are special. I just know the difference when it happens. I believe this dream to predict the future.

15 years ago my brother and I lived in different cities, he with my dad and I with my mom.

My dream starts I am walking to my brother's house, I am in a city and he lives in a low income area, it's not a terrible area but a little ghetto. It is sunny out and I come to a gravel road where I walk slightly downhill. The gravel road goes around a bend of house. I can smell a river close and I know the river is very close to the north. In the dream I noted I was walking north and the river was to the north. I came to his house right away and went inside. Everything about the dream I seemed to have knowledge of. It just looked like the first time I was seeing it but somehow I knew about where he lived and the area.

I knew something was wrong and I was trying to find him. He was not home but the door was unlocked. When I walk into the house I am in the kitchen right through the front door. The kitchen is painted that dull yellow color, I feel like it might have been an '80's color? Anyway, there is also a hallway to the right of the kitchen with a attic hatch above in the hall. For some reason I knew to look there. I found my brother and a lady police officer dead, stuffed in the attic. I start rummaging through his stuff and find an audio cassette in a drawer. I knew this was the reason they were killed. My brother had some kind of incriminating evidence on that tape about the person who killed them. I took the tape and left, that was the end of the dream.

It was very upsetting because it didn't feel like a regular dream, but obviously seemed unrealistic too. So I have always remembered that dream and carried on with life. Until my brother bought a house roughly 7 years later. By this time we are both living in the same city and I come to see his new place. I drive to the north end of the city, down a gravel road in probably one of the most ghetto areas of the city. The gravel road has a slight decline in elevation as you are within 2 blocks of the house. There is a river a stones throw to the north. You really can smell it on many days. His house is painted that yellow color inside and out. I walk into the kitchen through the front door, there is a hallway to the right with an attic hatch above.

At this point I tell him my dream and he listens. I reiterate this dream importance when I find out later on he has obtained his private investigation licence.

I believe the police lady was to symbolize the legal component so I could make that connection.

Because of my dream my brother has not pursued private investigation as a career. I truly believe this was a warning to prevent events that are not required to happen or should not happen in our lifetime. I would also like to mention that the area he lives in I had never been to or seen before. The first time was through the dream. Before he moved there I also dreamed about an alley a couple blocks from his place. I walked that alley and saw the houses that lined it. It was a sketchy vibe I got in the dream. It still looks the same today as it did in my dream before I ever saw it in real life.

Since my brother has not pursued private investigation I have no reason to believe his life is in danger anymore.

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