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My Preminitons Have Been Acting Kind Of Funny


For about 15 years or so I have had the ability of Premonitions. I wasn't able to fully use them until I was 16. Normally, I was used to seeing into other people's pasts and reading palms starting at the age of 12 and doing weird tarot readings in elementary. But 10 years ago they got a bit of a growth spurt. Before I knew it, I was reading objects also known as psychometry and having more valid premonitions. Occasionally, I was able to read minds and may have been able to do telekinesis one time. But the issues that I have with my abilities of predicting the future is that I don't always listen to them because I cannot tell the difference between what is a prediction or if I am just daydreaming or just a normal thought. I could on and on about the other abilities that I have (Like having some type of tracker on a person I am intimate with) but I have been having a really weird phenomenon happening where I could feel that my abilities or energies are high- I don't know. They have been more active since I was in Nevada (Yes I did some readings there and was able to transfer the energy from a picture I did a reading from to her palm and read her relationship with this bad man she was dating) or since the last time I lived in my hometown. So, for whatever reason my abilities have been more active since I moved back and I am not sure why. I can sense or feel people's energies a lot quicker just from an object after they are no longer around (I sat on a chair of a manager at my job and it felt like he had some really bad terrible negative energy coming from him like he was hurt and upset), to my dinner predictions (I don't cook my dinner nor see what I am having until I get home I live in a boarding residence place and they cook meals for us), Meaning I can sometimes predict what we are having. And it's not just seeing it on a plate or thinking about it as if it is a stock image. I can ACTUALLY SEE the food in my container and its position. It's happened three times within one month. Now, I am in nowhere near complaining because I get to see what I eat but I just don't understand why I am so active once I come home. I don't know if I am getting stronger or if it's because of the environment I am in.

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