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I Recently Have Been Dreaming About People's Pasts


I've been playing around with tarot cards since 8th grade. I was and am still able to read cards successfully and look into someone's past, present, and future. Every reading I have done the person says their past and present have been spot on. A dear friend of mine went through a horrible rough patch of losing people dear to her at a young age.

I had no knowledge of this before the reading and was able to tell her exactly that. I've also had some kids looking for help ask me for a reading within the last year and was able to do the same for them. I wanted to put this out there just in case it has something to do with what is currently going on. I am now 18 years old and starting to have dreams about my friends' pasts.

Within the last week I had a dream a friend of mine we shall call 'D' had gotten very ill. He was running a high fever, had passed out, and needed medical attention. I was scared but looked to his mom who was trying to contact an ambulance. I had taken her youngest child for her to watch over her while my friend was tended to.

This all was happening during a volleyball game that I was supposed to attend to but obviously couldn't. As his little sister walked to me, she got younger and younger until she was just a baby. I had picked her up and took her to a safe place where she wouldn't be frightened. After I had awakened, I talked to 'D's younger brother When he came over that day about it. I asked him if 'D' was alright because what a horrible dream to have about a friend. 'D's brother told me that he had pneumonia really bad and had all of the symptoms I dreamed about when their sister was a baby. I found it a bit odd but brushed it off.

I had another dream just the other night about my boyfriend and I being in middle school again. I had not known him or anyone else at the actual time of occurrence but we were at a school dance. He was having a horrible time and wasn't being his normal self that dances with his friend 'K'. His other friends were off doing other things and being horrible, for lack of better wording. I asked him about it later and this too was proved to be true. I'm not too sure if the second one has any significance but I just wanted to add that one too.

I would very much like opinions on what this could mean. My mom thinks it might be something psychic but she told me to consult the internet so here I am.

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