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Am I Reliving The Past?


I have a small suspicion of me reliving my past. For example I could be somewhere and someone might say something that you don't say everyday and that could give me the impression of me repeating the past. It's like the thing called deja vu that you get when you have been in a place that you are sure you have been before but you can't remember when. I thing that i'm going crazy. After I have that deja vu I try so hard to thing If I could remember If I actually have relived that moment cause If I did then I should know what happens next and then I can finally understand If all of this is true... But nothing so far. Yesterday I was sitting in my bed. School hasn't started yet it started yet. It starts tomorrow so I have been sleeping around 5-6 am because of the holiday break. I haven't seen my mom for 3 days, cause she is in the hospital with my grandpa cause he is sick. So I was in my bed and my dad comes in my room and says that school starts on Monday so you have to sleep early tonight in order to regain the cycle of your sleep. And then I told him that this is a thing that I should worry about not him. And at that moment I had that deja vu and I tried to thing If I actually have relived that moment. I said no I haven't but my mind kept telling me that I actually had relived that moment but I couldn't think of what followed next. I really don't know If I should try a method that will help me understand or If I should just... Forget it.

Am I actually reliving the past or is my mind playing tricks one me?

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