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Outer Body Experience Vs Reincarnation Vs Past Lives


This is another experience. I dreamt I was in a castle and in a body which surprisingly felt comfortable like mine. I was trying to save someone from being poisoned or an infection (and actually in real life I'm in the medical field and passionate about these things right from childhood. Most medical knowledge and stuff I know, people around seem to be amazed that I actually know these things without prior knowledge or looking up these things, I'm one of those "I just know things" people). Later on in the dream, I got to find out the person was my lover who was poisoned out of hate and jealousy by someone I refused to love or the betrothed to this person I refused to love (which would mean the poison was for me). His soul was taken and controlled, his eyes became transparent and pale and wouldn't blink despite everything I tried. When it got messy and a mob was approaching led by this same two people who poisoned my lover, I seemed to somehow have taken him to another chamber through a tunnel. Whatever I mixed up and gave him was now working and he was a little back to himself. As the mob started searching the castle and getting near I couldn't bear the tension anymore so I gave him something to drink either to make the death painless before the mob reached the room or something and my intention was to kiss him and drink from his mouth and die as well but I jolted in real life and woke up.

Now I really don't know if this was a past life but I would like more clarification on this. The dreams started happening few months before I hit 23 and continued ever since. Sometimes when I drift away in sleep and the first scene I see is a setting similar or like I'm somewhere I feel I've been before and I feel some kind of emotions or vibrations, I jolt myself back to being awake and will the dream away. When I do it sometimes takes days to dreamless nights before I have normal dreams or months before I have these kinds of dreams again.

I have some marks on my body not from the dreams but like birthmarks. One is few inches above my navel and shaped like the edges of a jagged sharp knife and my left upper back like which can be made out in a mirror like a number "4" and some other thing likes, one like a backward "3" and other just a bit darker than my skin, no one notices this except me. When I was born, everyone said my ears were very black, had some kind of skin issues which all seemed to fade as I grew up like they never existed. I also got agitated whenever people tried to touch my back or touch me in general as a baby until a certain year and it just stopped. I read online that birthmarks are wounds which we had in past lives that did not heal or a reminder of how we died from past lives so when we re-incarnate or come back to this world they are born with us in a new body. How true is this and please help me make sense of these dreams and these theories.

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