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Terrified Of My Dreams?


I am writing because I have no idea what else to do. Mainly, I do not, and never thought, I'd find myself on a website like this. I am a physics teacher and have never considered psychic phenomenon a real thing. But the things that have been happening to me lately in my sleep, I just need some help with it all.

For the last month I have been having a continuation of the same dream. Every night and I never thought it could be anything, until I realized today that every dream I had was an element of the day I was going to have today. Literally, the dreams over the last month have told a story of my day today. I am terrified. Because of how it ended.

The first dream:

I get up, excited to have the following day of work off. So I go to work high energy, it feels so real. I feel the moving train, the cold wind as I walk to class, even the cars passing by me are brighter than normal. People are just so happy around me, everyone's talking to me. Everyone's happy. Then, I get to my classroom door, open it, and I wake up.

The second dream:

I walk into the classroom and there are my 2 colleagues there. Excited to see me, we begin gossiping. We talk about holidays, about Easter coming up, traditional foods. It is a lot of fun. We just really are getting into a good conversation when my phone buzzes, I look at it and it's my dad. When I go to look, I wake up.

The final dream:

I read the text and go pale face. A family member has died. Dad says not to come home. Because it's chaos, everyone's sad. Before I tell my coworkers, they tell me first that I look pale. I get up to leave the class, as I leave the class someone in the whitest and brightest turtleneck with a unfocused face looks in my direction and bows. The face was unfocused by I know for sure it had a green and pink eye. Both of which conveniently are my favorite color so maybe that's why that was there... They then say something I can't make out, I ask them to repeat it, and they say, "it was tough to have done." I say, "what was tough." And then before the figure vanished it says, "Travel"

Fast forward to today and that's EXACT dream played out. The walk, the conversation, and the text. However, there was no turtleneck figure. But, everything and I do mean everything, from my Dream happened today... I just, don't know why to think. Since having those dreams when I wake up and go about my day, I do feel spacey and heavy. Like I am sort of living in a reality that's not mine.

Just because I am so paranoid, a few weeks back I went to get a physical and went to speak with a counselor at work. Both said that nothing out of the normal is wrong with me.

I don't know why I posted this here? Maybe to tell you all about my freak out, maybe to get help figuring out if this is random or not? I really don't know but I'm pretty scared about it all.

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Abitafraid (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-26)
Thanks Anne,

It is a bit scary for me to consider this. I think, you are right in the assumption that not knowing is bothering me. Plus, it is just a bit creepy to me that everything I dreamt essentially came true. Its sort of scary too and like I need to not sleep to prevent something similar from happening and me being put into a situation like that again. I guess, fearful that a dream is not just a dream in some situations.

I will check out that book, it will surely be helpful for me!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-03-25)
The fear is coming from the unknown. With your beliefs, you feel you are not "supposed" to have any type of precognition. Yet you are. As a physics teacher, more than most, you should be aware that multiple dimensions are possible, that we may even exist in more than one (String Theory, etc). It might be interesting for you to further your education and read of other highly educated people's experiences relating to occurrences "outside the norm". Dr. Eban Alexander's book might be eye opening.

Thanks for sharing.

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