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Outer Body Experience: In Different Bodies


I'm new to your platform but not new to the belief in the spiritual and supernatural. Some time ago back home in my country, I sometimes had out of body experiences or dreams where I was someone else or some animal. More like I was seeing life through their minds or eyes. I had this particular experience where I was in a different era or time, I was a female child, I had a brother or someone I was looking after and there seemed to be a revolt or conflict break out where I was with the body's (the person i'm seeing and living her experiences as a dream) family. A man who it wasn't clear if he was my husband or father ran to me and the little boy and asked us to run (I didn't understand the language but the body did and obeyed). A mob was approaching, attacked the man and we had to run. I don't know how but I seemed to have some kind of ability. I couldn't see myself because I was in the body of this person asked to run, the body was running but the feet weren't touching the floor. It was dark, there were weird carvings or symbols and houses around (looked pretty much advanced in architecture but old or archaic from a different era: don\'t know if this makes sense) and I didn't carry a fire torch. I held the hand of the little boy who I couldn't see his face not because I couldn't but the body wouldn't let me (more like I was trapped in the body for the short moment that seemed like hours or days). The body got to a place like a dark dead end and whatever the boy was speaking or the mob I couldn't understand (a different language or something). I (the body with some kind of ability or powers) could get through the wall and the boy couldn't. So I asked him to wait or stay there and I'll be back, he spoke back but couldn't understand, the mob passed by and once I (the body) got through or materialised through the wall I woke up panting and disoriented. The same night I slept back and woke up in a room-like chamber still with the same setting, the room was decorated like a royal chamber and I think same body or a different body. There was this big orb glowing like the sun, there was a man in the room, the body was going to the and touched the orb, it dimmed and he said "you have the sun, don't play with it" or "that's like the sun, don't play with it". When I got in bed, the door opened like some kind of spaceship movie stuff, the man walked out, I was locked inside the room like a captive, I felt so sad and I slept only to wake up in real life feeling sad and like I let someone or something great down. I still don't understand these dreams or what they mean. Could they be me from a parallel universe or a past life experience or someway the universe is trying to pass a message across? After the first dream, I had to will myself back to the same dream and not overreact to get the boy or at least make sure he's safe (cuz it's very easy for me to wake myself up whenever I'm in danger or in a dream I feel threatened). N.B: this was not my first experience but one I can't forget, happened months ago.

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