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Ascending & Descending In Dreams


I cut the information short so this wouldn't be so long, but added what I thought was important. So I'm writing in my dream journal and noticed that in many of my dreams I am descending or ascending. When I am descending, I am aware of myself but once on the ground I may be in another body, time, dimension, planet or country, while still aware of myself. Before my descent, there is sometimes someone there giving me instructions on what to do once I am on the ground. These people are not familiar to me, they are always kind. The conversations are spoken or no words are exchanged but I am still receiving instruction from them. When I am ascending, (sometimes quickly), I get a great aerial view of where I have been and I usually wake up immediately.

In my last dream the person who gave me instruction on what I was to be doing after descent, descended with me. She and I were in a structure very high in the clouds. We were so high up that all I could see was nothing but sky. We both walked towards the edge of the structure, conversing non verbally. Then I sensed another presence, when I turned there stood a shadow figure. The next thing I know we were both descended. She had a look of urgency in her eyes as she showed me a map of Africa. She showed me the map upside down for some reason. Around the coast line of Africa was submerged and Sudan had totally broke off from the country. It was shaped almost like a question mark due to parts being submerged. She pointed to 2 cities marked with an "x". The "x" was on Morrocco or Algeria & Ethiopia or Eritrea. The island of Madagascar was totally submerged.

Any feedback would be helpful.

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GarrettsMom (3 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-28)
Hello, thank you for this amazing story. It has given me some insight about astral traveling, which I think is occurring with my 11 year old twin boy. I just joined this webpage in hopes of gaining some knowledge and possibly help in guiding him in his travels if this is what he is indeed doing. Briefly speaking about him, he comes from a generation of clairvoyant females. My Grandmother was a practicing Spiritualist from the early 1960's when it wasn't considered a "New Age Religion" she was in a circle of true Mediums, Reverends, and valid Spiritualists that lived and practiced the core values of true Spirituality. She was an automatic writer and a hands on healer until she was elderly and not able to channel and focus, but stayed in medicine for many years. My Mother also had the gift, never could you get anything past her 3rd watchful eye. Since the birth of my 11 year old son, our house, no matter where we have lived has been inhabited by Spirit. Generally focused around him. He suffers from night terrors and has had sleeping problems since birth. He has reported seeing ghosts in the house when he was younger but described them as being a person here last night standing over my bedside and then walking out of my room past him and he felt non threatened. For the last 6 years at least he sleep talks, sleep walks, and is in hysterics for periods of at least 20 minutes until you can get him back to himself. But recently he has been having the same dream over and over which has caused me to think he is astral traveling in his sleep. I do not know where he is going, I'm not sure if he is going through a time space continuum or if he is going to another dimension. I need help trying to figure this out and what I can do to help him be in the drivers seat in his traveling. I just cleansed my stones and he felt compelled to pick up the amethyst, so I put it under his pillow last night, but he stayed awake all night. So he is napping now at 7 am and started crying an hour into his sleep cycle. Before he went to sleep we recited a protection prayer, asking for God, Jesus, Angels, the protection of the Heavenly White Light, and my grandmother who is now crossed to aid him, then reinforced his promise he made when he took his oath upon his Babtism to follow and love Jesus all the days of his life. I also told him if he travels and is afraid to call on Jesus, Angels, or Grandmother and ask them to bring him back to his bed. I'm very unfamiliar with astral traveling as I have never been a traveler. I only do Spirit work, crossing Souls and Spirits over to the white light that are Earth Bound. I would Appreciate ANY HELP, INSIGHT, that could put me on track with my son. First, do you think he is a traveler? He reported his body being locked or fixed and not being able to move it and coming out of it in his dreams, and going to another place that he has no idea where he is, that he is being tasked with a job to basically help humanity in some way, and it is a scary experience for him but the other people in his dreams are not visible, just the task at hand. I'm guessing because he is inexperienced. Email address is Hstacy90 [at]
Thank you in advance for any help.
Blessings to all.

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