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What Kind Of Energy Do I Have?


I've read about people having reiki energy, having tbe ability to astral project, interacting with spirits, and seeing auras. But what if you can do that and more? That's my dilemma. I have done extensive research on this stuff driven by my passion to figure out what is going on with me. I have been able to sense and interact with all kinds of energy fields. I tried to submit the beginnings of how all of my experiences started but I don't think the post went through. Sorry if the events I describe have gaps or jump around I just don't feel like writing all of it over again. So I will some up what I can do and any help in explaining how or why I can do these things would be great.

I can sense people's aura by feeling and I can feel other people's emotions. I thought at first I had multiple personality disorder until I started noticing that what I was feeling was coming from the people around me. And the more I tuned into the more I sensed the emotions as waves coming from people. Aura wise I can see only a few colors, orange, white, yellow, light blue, purple, red, or what looks likes gas or heat waves. I see this around people, animals, plants, and buildings sometimes.

My sense of energy fields also include spiritual entities. On several occasions I've seen and interacted with them. But I could never see them completely. The only exception to this is when this dark figure made from what looked like smoke and hair wearing a white mask made from who knows what was in my friend's house and followed me until I got a blessed knife from my house. Then it left me alone, or at least has kept its distance.

I can also build up energy and mess with electricity and sometimes fire.

With electricity I have been able to grab electrified fences and feel the energy lads through my body without any harm. I have done with with car batteries, and several outlets. I have also been able to shock people on command. I can bend a flame to rise up higher on a candle and I can absorb heat from my oven, sometimes from a few feet away. Once I was in a ditch and my friends Alex and Bradon set a piece of paper that stated Alex had too many tardies, the fire started to grow out of control when it caught on some dead grass. Instinctively I put my hand down and pulled up, not only did the flame completely go out, but when I pulled up the flames spun before absorbing into my hand. I couldn't believe what had just happened and neither could Alex or Brandon. I rushed home to tell my brother and when I wasn't paying attention I reached out to grab his arm when he pasted me and a blue arch of electricity left my finger tip and shocked him hard enough to make him yell at me.

My energy can also heal which is mainly why I use my energy and why I have kept interest all this time. When my family, friends, as well as some skeptical people from other social circles, feel it they almost every time described it as heat and static. But everyone has felt an almost magnetic heavy pressure when I put my hands up to each other. I feel during and after church or church-like settings and events, I feel my energy is super charged. This doesn't pertain to a specif religion as I have felt this after circle rituals as well as after catholic church services.

Has anyone else gotten this far? Or is able to do these things? What is this energy that I sense and use? Is there a way I can possibly help more people with what I can do? Have there ever been any cases of people using energy and it causing harm? Should I be cautious when healing people?

There's a lot more that I can do and have done but for now this is what I'm posting, and I hope that with this post I can get some answers. And learn more about what exactly is going on when I use my energy.

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bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-27)
This isn't so much as "far", for say, as you have multiple abilities. There are several abilities and several types of energy, as well as several types of psychics. What you've described is just several abilities. If you have any questions or anything to add, feel free to email me

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