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Psychic Dreams Of Ohio 8 Killings


I had a dream of the Ohio 8 Killings. This happened a year ago. I was working again came home tired. I fell into a dream state. I woke up again from broken sleep, I feel back asleep. I saw this dream unreal in front of my eyes like a motion picture.

I saw two white males driving to an office building at night. It was a cool spring evening. The white men where instructed to drive to this office building, it looked like a bank or expensive office building. These white men walked in and were instructed to talk to the "man". He was a head drug lord. He stood in the office door. It was solid wood door. The drug lord smiled at the white men and shook their hands. The white men talked to the drug lord. The drug lord told the white males to sit down outside his office. The drug lord shut his door. I could see the drug lord told the other drug man to order a hit on these white males sitting down outside the office. The drug lord said they knew too much information. The drug lord said make it 6 months to a year later. The door that was shut was solid wood door so the white males did not hear a word the drug lord said. The drug lord opened the solid wood door. His straight dark hair was in his eyes he pushed the hair out of his eyes. His dark brown eyes glowed in the dark light. The drug lord smiled at the white men friendly. The drug lord and his friend asked how the family was doing and made small talk with the white men. The white men were told to go home all was well. The white men were unsuspecting of the hit the drug lord and his henchmen made that evening. The white men drove home quietly to their town miles from the small, city.

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