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Five Fuzzy Black Ghosts Alerted Me To Possible Home Invasion


I was late at night 4 am Sunday night. The date was 10-2-16. I had been up resting from a rough work week. I was real tired. And lied down and went to bed at 4 am. I lay in my bed with my door closed. The covers over me. I heard the silence of the night. As I started to drift into a beginning of a semi sleep state.

Suddenly I awoke from a low noise. A slight buzzing, noise from something coming from the upper bedroom window. All of the sudden five apparitions appeared by my bedroom window. These ghosts floated in the window of my bedroom. In a flash of a moment, there were five dark shaped ghosts in my window.

These black fuzzy figures, drifted from the outside of my bedroom window to my inside bedroom window. These ghosts were in rank and file. And floated in parallel. I sat up suddenly, sitting in my bed terrified. The room was black and these figures seem to be glued to my window.

I counted them one, two, three, four and five. The ghosts floated and would not come any further, into the room. The ghosts stayed fixed to the bedroom window. I was tired, as I lie in bed in terror, as I sat shaking afraid of these ghosts. My thoughts were to run away. However, fatigue made me surrender to sleep, on that cool October morning. I feel asleep.

I awoke hours later to the following day which was Monday, I got up and was cutting coupons to match them with deals at the stores. The drip, drip from my kitchen sink irritated me. I was looking up how to fix a kitchen sink that day. I went about the day as normal cleaning, and cooking. I was on the internet for a while.

That day I went to sleep at 10 pm and that was early for me. And I had shut off all the lights in the house. I prayed and asked God what the fuzzy black ghosts meant. I was afraid to go to sleep that night. I put my dog Oden by my bedroom door. The German Sheppard, dog was black in color and blended in with the black of the room. I shut the bedroom door with all the lights off in the house. I climbed into bed and pulled the blankets over me. I drifted peacefully into sleep. I had been asleep for several hours that night.

At 4am Monday night I was awaken by my German Sheppard dog barking. "Ruff, ruff, bark, bark." Oden, had a distinct high pitched bark. This bark I knew was a warning bark from my German Sheppard. Oden's barks would not stop. "Bark, bark, whimper, whimper." I tried to sleep though the barking but could not. I got up and was groggy from being asleep for several hours. "Oden what is the matter?" I opened my bedroom door, and opened the back outside door to let Oden out. "Bark, bark." Oden was barking and running toward the front of my house. Oden remained behind the chain link fence in my back yard. Oden could not run any father to the front. Oden continued to bark. "Bark, bark." Then I heard, "grr, grr." from the dog. I shut the back door and left the lights off in my small 400 square foot house. I ran to the front of the house. I peered out my front window viewing the front of my house. With the blue curtain in my hand I saw 3 men in a black car. Then I saw 2 more men in another black car. One car was 4 door the other black car was 2 door. It was pitch black outside and I was groggy from sleep and tried to focus on the men in the cars. The men in the cars seemed to be annoyed by my dog barking. One of the black men got out of the car. The other men drove up toward 9th street. That is where some Satan Disciples gang members live in secret. The dog was still barking at this point. I heard the dog still barking toward the front of my house. The man had to be walking. The barking continued to go on for about 45 minutes then my dog stopped barking.

The same time I had been peering out my window secretly, to see if I could see anything in the pitch black of the night. Once the barking stopped I brought the dog in and feel asleep. It was day light by then.

I know now that the five black ghosts had been trying to warn me of a possibly home invasion. The ghost had appeared at 4 am on Sunday. By Monday the 5 home invaders came to my front yard at 4 am. The five, ghosts and my dog saved my life. They stopped a home invasion.

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gthlvrmx (64 posts)
7 years ago (2016-10-13)
Hi Carri,

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't just let any ghost enter my home and leave, continuing being a ghost. I am a firm believer that all ghosts need to be in Heaven. I would send them straight to healing (Heaven, cross them over) as soon as possible. What you could do, as a "thank you" if you'd like to see it that way, is you could ask this: "Archangel Michael, find the five ghosts that visited me Sunday night (or morning, you can try both wordings) through the window and take them into healing. Thank you." Next time they visit you, maybe in your dreams, they might thank you for your help in crossing them over. Plus, once on the other side, they can do a much better job at protecting people without scaring them 😁

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