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Psychic Dreams Of Jonbenét Ramsey Murder


One of my friends is a lawyer Joan. Joan's friend is a policeman. Investigation the JonBenet Ramsey Murder.

For some reason there must be some kind of spiritual connection to me. I saw the news about the case being 20 years old. Those two things did something to me. I started to dream about the JonBenet Ramsey case in bits and pieces.

I Worked again a long hard work week. I climbed into my bed. I turned on the Air Conditioner. I went to sleep for several hours sound. Finally I woke up to the dog barking outside. It was 1 pm. I was real tired from working so much. I opened the back door turning the knob. "Come in Oden." Oden a 95 lb black German Sheppard obeyed my command. The dog sat down on a bed sheet on the wooden kitchen floor. I shut my door. I finally feel asleep.

I was compelled to watch this dream, as a spectator. The room was in the basement. I could see a light from the basement. It was a light illuminating light into a dark basement. I am not sure if it was a light turned on dim or an outside light, but it lit up the basement room. The room was light up slightly. I saw square basement blocks grey. I saw a clean room. Then, I saw Burke Ramsy by his sister crying. Burnke had on his night clothes, and his hair was wavy brown hair. At this moment, Burke had just, discovered his sister and he stood over her looking at her. Burke, looked at his sister crying and he said. JoBenet, "I am going to help you.

Then I saw Joanne struggle to breathe. I felt images of Joanne Benet Ramsey" thoughts. Joanne Ramsey loved her brother Burke. Burke loved his sister. Then Burke was by JoBenet, Burnke was standing over her, looking at her. Burke was crying, I saw her in a white blanket. I saw JonBenet Ramsey with a night shirt on and night pants but she was rolled in a white blanket, I saw Burke, worried and panicked. I saw Burke run off for help. He said, "hold on JoBenet." Burke ran off for help. Burke ran off thinking his sister was going to live. Burke came back a few minutes later and found her not breathing. Burke ran off then to his bedroom. Burke was in shock and went to his room to hide.

I finally woke up at 4 pm and I was shaking from this dream.

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