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Dec 12 1965


I was six at the time, and at home with a cold. I was very close to my father that I knew his energy. On this day I was sleep I could sense fear, struggle, and pain, I was held down I couldn't get up or open my eyes. I then felt outside of my body I could see everything going on at that moment or it happened before but when I woke up what I saw was over. I saw my father get murdered every detail as it happened as detail after detail. When I woke up the killer was running away, but I saw his face in my dream and was able to point him out in the police line up. I use to think it was my fault he died like I cursed him. This wasn't my last experience either only the beginning. The dream I had was that my father had kissed me then went to the bathroom and he carved "I love you shondelle" in the wall, then he went outside and had been arguing with some man and one man ran into my back door out the front, he was whom the man was after, but my father got involved and was fighting him and he slipped and the guy shot him three times. I woke up after the third gun shot. I rushed to put my shoes on I checked the bathroom and the carving was there, then I ran fast and faster because I knew then my dream was reality, got to the door heart racing, and saw my father lying there dying. I wanted to stay but. My mother would've been hurt to not have been told, so I ran and got my mom from work told her what happened and she knocked me over trying to get to him, by that time ems was there, that was the last time I saw him. In that condition I still see that day play over and over it haunts me.

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