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Visions Of Future Children


I would like to share my psychic experience and maybe receive some interpretation, as I am at a loss. I very rarely have vision about myself. It's usually about other people and their energies, events, experiences, futures, but this vision I had was of my future.

I was rubbing the back of my boyfriend one night when I was hit by a strong image of my future newborn son. I'm not pregnant or was planning on getting pregnant. But the image was so strong and beautiful it made me smile. I knew that the baby I saw had something to do with my boyfriend, as his energy was also present in the vision. However, I did not see him. His energy was a little different though. It was more confident, content, happy and proud. A few weeks later I was lying in bed and I was hit by another strong vision. This time my first son was older, maybe 5 and we were cuddling and laughing in bed. In that vision I had the energy of another younger son that was maybe 2 years old that wanted to join to our fun. Again I did not see my boyfriend but I felt his energy. It was again different than his present energy. It was more confident, content, happy and adoring. These visions where so strong that they brought tears to my eyes. I met my future sons.

However, my boyfriend and I had separated recently. I had felt his energy and saw he was unhappy and lost with himself. So I told him I would let him go, which gave him much relief and joy. It was hard to do, but I couldn't stand seeing someone I love unhappy. What I am confused about was why my visions had his energy in them. I know he has a lot of growing and self-discovery to do, as he is young. But those vision where so real and he was in them. How can I interpret them if he is no longer in my life? What bothers me is I had these visions of our future children when we were older (maybe by 2 to 4 years). But before the mutual break up, I kept seeing him with another woman that made him happy. I saw he was young with her (the age he is now) and I felt she had a lot of lessons to offer him. How can I have visions of a happy future and family with him, yet I have visions of him with this woman? I have no resentment for the split, as I believe it was the right thing to do. But those visions are still with me and keep coming back.

Would anyone like to interpret these visions? I am usually very good at interpreting them, but when they are of my own future I have a hard time, as I don't want to be bias. I have been receiving visions since I was a child but this is one of the few times I am stumped.

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dreamsmith (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-19)
Hi there. I know I am four years late but I accidentally came across your post and wanted to share my interpretation as I found there to be a clear cut answer as to what you may have experienced. I am by no means an expert. The back holds deep significance for every human. If you happened to be rubbing the lower portion of his spine, you may have come in contact with his child form in the most literal sense. When we humans are born, we are born whole; meaning we are equally in touch with both the masculine and the feminine. Carl Jung calls these portions of the psyche the Animus and the Anima respectively. We are born "confident", in a way. The Anima, I believe, can be tied into a specific type of feminine energy known as Kundalini energy. As we surpass our adolescence, the Kundalini energy tends to rest and curls up three and a half times at the bottom of the spine, much like a serpent. Some say it is waiting to be activated again. And it seems to me, what you may have experienced, was just that: Kundalini. Whether it belongs to you or to him, I'm not exactly sure but if I had to guess, like I said earlier, you most likely came in contact with his. There are four stages to Anima integration in a man that can be easily mapped out to the arc of what Jung called "individuation," if I am not mistaken. But that is a topic for another time, as I am no expert. Now that I have given some context, I will now move into my actual interpretation of your visions: The feeling or sensation you got of his confidence can be tied into what I mentioned earlier about being whole once you are born and then reintegrating back into the parts of your psyche you lost along the way. What you felt, simply put, was literally what you felt. It was him as a whole; quite possibly both at the end of his life and the beginning of his life. The woman you saw was an interpretation of his Anima. In Gnosticism, femininity was regarded with knowledge. Gnosis means "to know." They believe in one feminine being who created us all, named Sophia. "Sophia" means knowledge or wisom. (I'll let you put those two together there, haha. For even more context though: I personally believe, Sophia, Kundalini, and the Anima are all the same thing.) So I believe you received a message stating he was looking for his Anima in you, making him unhappy. The only way to find Her is through himself. I believe the visions were saying he will come back around to you once he is whole once more and has learned all he needed to learn from his Anima. The presence you felt wanting to join in on the fun when you were playing with your unborn child may not have necessarily been another child on the way, but could also be interpreted as a testament to his wholeness. Meaning this man's energy will become so pure that it will feel as though he is a child, much like you felt in your vision. I hope my message finds it's way back into your email inbox and may Sophia bless you with beautiful children, whether it be with him or another man.
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-10)
I had a dream my daughter Autumn who is 22 is going to have a blue blond eyed baby. I saw her large belly in the dream she is going to get pregnant. The dream was so vivid. In your case about you boyfriend. It may be a vision of what could be. Since he is gone it may not come true. But you saw the baby. Ask God what he meant by the vision. Is your boyfriend. Going to come back? Or was it just a vision of what was going to happen if you both stayed together. I would pray and ask God what he meant by that vision. Your boyfriend possibly may come back to you, you never know. Just pray I guess.
HopeHelps (4 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-05)
Wow, my daughter was almost 3 when she told me she was seeing her 4 dead grandparents and were able to pick them out and name them correctly at my brother's house, because I didn't have any pictures of them. She then told me that her great grandmothers twin sister was going to crawl into my tummy and I would would be having a baby girl in 3 and half years. Well, it happened just as she said it would. I too have gifts, but not sure how to use them. I can sense some bad things or bad people planning bad things for me at the moment. I wish, I knew how to control it. If only, I could decide what I want to know and see it. Instead the visions just come in on their on time. Thanks and nice story

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