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Dec. 24, 2013 Psychic Experience


I suffer with severe days, weeks-long and sometimes years-long migraines and lifelong insomnia, plus reactive hypoglycemia. I bring this up, because my latest experience causes me to believe that my brain, in order to survive the constant onslaught of chronic health issues, "hides" in alpha and theta brainwaves, and may be the reason that my psychic experiences are at times so strong. I have had them since 1966. This is my personal and most recent experience that occurred on Xmas Eve 2013:

I had been down for the count with the three health issues for over a week; I was hurting, disoriented, and exhausted. That night, dressed in shoes, a long nightgown and a short coat, I left the house sporting dark glasses and walked with caution up the street to visit my neighbor, who was putting out decorations. Halfway there a series of strong premonitions swept over me. I greeted her, a tall, intelligent and compassionate woman who didn't really know me other than the occasional outdoor yaks and laughter, but, we had made an auspicious connection toward friendship.

I said: "Two vehicles, one a white muscle car with strange, rectangular taillights that turn red around the edges, and a powder blue van, are going to come by shortly. Both will, in turn, stop and park just before the next house up the block. The car will stay for seven or eight minutes, drive away, and two minutes later turn around and come back down the street. It will swerve and try to knock me down, hurt me. I need your help. My reaction time is nil because of the pain and low blood sugar. Will you please pull me to safety?"

All this was related by me in a monotone voice as tho from someone inside me trying to get out the message. She nodded and said she would watch out for me.

I then explained, "After the white muscle car speeds away, the powder blue van will drive by and park several feet further than where the car did, sit for a minute, drive away and immediately turn around. It will try to kill me. Please help me, I cannot help myself."

As I described the van, the white muscle car drove by us. My back was to the street so I didn't see or hear it. When my neighbor saw it she exclaimed, "That's the car! Look!" I was able to turn my head and there was the car, exactly as described, parking exactly where I said it would. I even said, "Those are the coolest looking taillights I've ever seen."

Everything I told my neighbor happened, including the car swerving and trying to knock me down. She pulled me several inches forward from where I was standing in the street at the foot of her driveway, exclaiming, "Oh my god! They tried to hit you!" Immediately after, the van drove by, parked, sat a minute, and then drove up the block, turned around and drove down the street. At the last moment the driver gunned the engine, swerved and tried to take me out. Had it not been for my neighbor screaming at the driver and grabbing the sleeve of my coat and hauling me to safety in the driveway, I would have been killed.

I have made it a point to not discuss my experiences because of constant ridicule; my parent/siblings, etc., are kept out of the loop for this reason. I feel so blessed to have this wonderful good samaritan woman and her equally compassionate husband as neighbors. The couple had dinner with me at my house the weekend after New Year's Day. I brought up the incident as an aside, saying I wasn't sure because of the pain I'd been in, whether I'd said those things aloud. She was amazed and intimidated by the experience, and told me that I had related every single thing that later came to pass.

So, now someone knows. I'm not sure what she and her husband will do with this story of a lifetime, but feel somehow that they will use it for good. I would appreciate input on the type of experience I had, as there are other kinds I have also experienced, but not one of this type before; this one's a first. I would like to understand more about why I have them, and whether there is a way to support the experiences without almost dying in the process. Thank you.

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RedRocks (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-28)
As related, I was walking slowly up the side of the road to my neighbor's to visit, because I needed the fresh air. The premonitions occurred during the short walk. The neighborhood is sparsely populated, as is the surrounding area. Who either of the drivers were is a mystery. I wasn't given that information. I do know that the first attempted to hit me but not kill me. The second driver tried to kill me.
hrk (guest)
10 years ago (2014-01-19)
Wow, fantastic story!
I am sorry to hear that you suffer from such debilitating health issues.
I do agree with your reasoning as to why your psychic experiences are at times "strong", as I too, have a few 'health issues' that I believe contribute to the strength of my abilities.
RevSilverson (103 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-18)
my first question is why were they trying to hit you with their cars and why there were two of them. Have you gotten into bad graces with other neighbors in the area? This is a severe reaction to any boundary or trespassing disputes. I'm also a little confused---was your only reason for going over to this neighbor to tell them of the motor vehicles or did your premonition happen after some chit chat and then you disclosed what was going to happen? Do you think it was drunk drivers, bad road conditions or were they purposely trying to hurt you?

I don't often revisit my posts so please contact me if you wish at revsilvers [at] I would be interested in helping you by finding out more.

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