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The Spirit Veil Above Us


The other night I fell asleep and talked to my friend another psychic, Joanne. She told me that there is a spirit veil above us 3 feet. I wondered about this spirit veil. Me and Joanne talked for several hours online about this spirit veil. Joanne is a lawyer actually that has a psychic child.

Well Joanne lives in Chicago and went to a spiritual church and saw a white light over this famous church. Joanne explained for me to always white light my house and job. I white light by praying for God to protect my house and job. Me and Joanne talked for several nights in a row about her beliefs. Joanne believe there are angels around us. There is no devil and no god. Just goddess. Joanne has a new age religion point of view. I thought about her beliefs talking to her. I could not agree with her about New age Religion beliefs. I have done done some things Joanne has talked about. Astral Body Projection. I did that at 19 years old. I have seen ghouls and ghosts at grave yards on a foggy night.

Joanne said fog helps to see these entities.

I have Catholic beliefs that differ from Joanne. However Joanne knows a lot about the spirit realm. Joanne keep talking about the spirit realm 3 feet above us. One night after talking to Joanne online. I said goodbye to Joanne and told her it was my work week again. So I could not communicate with her for while. My job is labor intensive so I had to go to sleep. Right before I fell asleep I thought about the veil above us. That night I saw it. I slept for several hours and then saw a veil or curtain right above my bed in my bedroom. It was 3 feet above me hanging in the darkness. I tried to see what was in this spirit veil. It was just darkness with this curtain hanging above me. I have never seen this curtain veil again. Has anyone else seen this spirit veil 3 feet above us? What exactly is in this spirit veil hanging above us?

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keyofallsouls (1 stories) (22 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-29)
This could be energy that's gathered above you. Or maybe it's a foggy window into the spirit realm? I've never really seen that type of thing before so I'm just making use of what I know.

Anyways, you could try to meditate on the whole concept and being of the veil with some angel beats found on the internet (YouTube specifically) to see if you receive any divine information or guidance in relation to it.

I wouldn't try to force yourself to accept your friend Joanne's believes as one of your own or anything if it's proving to challenge your own beliefs negatively. Your own beliefs are genuine and strongly resonate to you, just as her beliefs are to her. Beliefs can mingle if they resonate with you, otherwise it's just something you cannot put your energy into believing without feeling lost or confused or disheartened or even stressed at the matter itself.

One last thing, when you visualize the white light, try to visualize feeling it on your skin or whatever the white light has blessed. It'll help create a stronger connection to your higher power (God) and will help give you some clarity in your waking life. Have the white light cleanse your soul and really feel it touch you spiritually. That may shine through and wash the spirit veil, or as I suggested, that window into the spirit realm.

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