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Am I Different, Am I An Empath, Psychic?


I am 31 years old, as a younger child I have always been a very spiritual person to begin with, not to mention I am a Pisces. I have always felt I was special than others around me. I have had dreams that have come true. For instance a plane crash with one survivor. I woke up went to work at a local bar, and a customer walked in and said did you see the crash that happened last night with one survivor? I was in shock because I just dreamed it and witnessed it, but I let it go because I thought I'm just being silly. I also had a dream of a loved one who passed and told a family member. I described things that made them in shock because of their favorite color, which was gold which I did not know. Also I have said certain words while watching tv and than that same word is said by a commercial or show. Let's say I say like, oh that's crazy than the show will say crazy. That really freaks me out. I've told my husband even while it's happening what is going on but he obviously doesn't notice like I do. As a Pisces we are known to be sort of empathetic. I feel that with any animal that I'm around. I can read off them and know what they want or feel almost like they talk to me. I can do things with animals some people cannot do, such as break a wild horse and be able to ride by myself. I just found this out back in 2006. I have the ability almost to talk to them. I also feel what people feel without them talking to me. I just want to know what this is? Please help I don't want to seem crazy!

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KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-18)
Hi there, Foxy85! Well, don't I feel like an egghead? I have only spotted your note now of, "I will read the comments but I won't participate in the discussion." And here I am asking you all of these questions.
I hope you've managed to figure everything out since you wrote this post. You'll be in my thoughts because I feel just the same as you.
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-03)
Hi Foxy,
From one Pisces woman to another, about your age too but halfway across the world, I feel and experience the same as you.

I wanted to ask you though, if your gifts bother you or some times bother you? Did you write the article because you feel overwhelmed or unhappy or did you write it because you'd like to know more about it, ie) do other people experience the same thing? Can you control it? Is there a way you can work with it positively?

I'm asking because I see myself in you, (and, I don't have all the answers too). So, I know how it feels to feel lost and worried about something in/out of your control.

I really hope things work out for you and that you find all the answers you are looking for. NB! You can always trust your heart when performing a task to tell you if this is something good or otherwise.
Peepers1314 (4 stories) (54 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-25)
You are not crazy, you have a gift. If I was you I would try to expand this gift and maybe unlock some hidden abilities that you have not discovered yet. I have experienced some of the same things, and I use my abilities to help other people. That is what I would also suggest you do with your abilities. Help people. If you have these amazing gifts, why not use them to help other people. As you said, you have a connection with animals. That can be very useful, and maybe you can again, expand that ability so you can have a connection to people. And by that, I mean to feel there emotions. This can be so helpful as well. I am still learning myself, but I know a few things from self experience. If you have any questions or want to share experiences just let me know:)
honeyfire (1 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-25)
Well first off I'm not a Pisces, but I also have that connection with animals. I know what they want and are trying to tell me. Like why my dog will be sad or scared or just thirty. Same with cats my boyfriend calls me the cat whisperer... Lol and I think that that's why animals are drawn to me. I also have dreams that come true all the time. Anyway I think its more likely its from the gift than when I was born. I'm a Sagittarius by the way

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