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In July my son Mykel, came from Kansas to nag me to purchase a truck, for him. This week was a work, week. I had worked at my jobs building cars for over a year and was waiting for a peaceful time at home gardening and cleaning and taking care of my bills, over the weekend "Ring Ring." I picked the receiver of the phone half asleep. I reached over and grabbed the black large button wireless phone off the receiver. I had to roll off and almost tripped. I was real groggy, after working a 10 hours shift in extreme heat. "Hello, who is this?" "Mom it is Mykel, I want to come up there, to grab my clothes, I left them at your house." Mykel has recently moved out. We had been bickering back and forth. "Well come on up and get your clothes." I laid the black V Tech phone back in it's receiver not thing of anything other than sleep.

A week passed and vacation week was coming up in a few days. Quite by surprise stood, Mykel who was at my front door knocking on it. I was asleep again I had worked a 10 hour shift. I was sleeping in a cool air conditioned room when I heard the familiar knock of my son Mykel. Tap, Tap, Tap, I saw Mykel standing by the door. I could see through our glass window his 6 foot 3 frame outside my front door. He stood there with is black travel bag in his hand. Mykel looked at me sheepishly as he stood waiting for me to answer the front door. I opened the white steel door, I turned the door knob. I felt apprehension my to see my son. But still was a little happy to see him again. As the door swung open he bent over and grabbed his black travel bag. Mykel large hand swung the travel bag into my house. "Hi, mom how are you doing?" Mykel looked at me sheepishly. " How did you get here?" I asked Mykel. Mykel responded "Cory, drove me from the Clock Tower." Mykel had taken a plane from the Midway Airport and taken the Van Guilder bus to get here. Mykel took off again and walked out the door. "My friends have not seen me in a while." Mykel hair was all messy, he had wavy hair and he tied it back in a pony tail. Mykel grabbed the door knob. Mykel closed the door behind him. Mykel was gone as quickly as he had come in the house. The house was silent once again. The time said 10 Am. I went into the bedroom and put on the air conditioner and shut the bedroom door behind me. I lay on the bed and fell fast asleep.

The week proceeded as normal. Mykel stayed at his friends. I was working going back and forth from my job to my house to sleep. Once the week was over. Mykel appeared at my house again. He was in the house when I woke up from sleep I heard the phone ringing and saw Mykel pick up the phone. "Mom it is my friend on the phone." Mykel grabbed the phone He had on a black concert shirt. I turned back into my room with the air conditioner on. I closed the brown wooded door. I climbed back into the covers and feel asleep. I feel asleep for several hours. Then a warning dream came to me.

In the dream I heard the name Doug or Dillon. I saw the phone ringing emergency. It rang emergency over and over. Doug and Dillon emergency.

The phone keep ringing over and over emergency Doug and Dillon, I woke up from the dream and proceeded to prepare my lunch for work.

A few weeks later I got a phone call that Dillon a friend of Doug had some people ready to hurt him, or possibly kill him. Dillon has a drug problem meth and some meth people were looking for him.

About a month later I got a phone call from Kansas Doug my ex husband had an emergency. His tooth became infected and his face swelled up. My son called me on the phone. "Mom, dad is real sick." "Dad, has a tooth that is infected and now his face is all swelled up." "Mom he can't eat, drink or even sleep." "Mom I am not sure but he may die."

I was shook up by my accurate warning dream predictions, because they actually came true.

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Nightingale (145 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-21)
Hi Carri,
Thank you for sharing your story. It can be chilling when such accurate information comes to us, and especially when it hits close to home. I hope all is well for everyone.
I wish you all the best,

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