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Extrasensory Perception In Dreams


Have any of you experienced extrasensory perception in dreams? I had a dream about my name on the list for a job. Then a few weeks later I got phone call from that job. I actually got the job that I had dreamed about. Have you have a dream and can predict something? I have on occasion.

I also want to know if any of you fall asleep and wake up and see a spirit from time to time. I have done this.

My ex husband Doug is a drug addict and drinks. He pops medication for pain. He is a house painter. When he came to visit me from Kansas he came and spent the night in my spare bedroom. He is a drug addict. Well when I went to sleep I woke up to Doug my ex and his early morning rising. I am a night shift factory worker. When I woke up I saw a white woman, with long black hair with brown eyes and she was dressed in a white dress. She was glowing. My ex husband girl friend at the time Joyce said Doug had a demon attached to him. I did not believe it until I saw this drug demon for myself. But this spirit was pretty. However she was attached to my ex husband standing by him and glowing.

Sometimes when I first wake up. I see spirits only if someone spends the night and I first wake up and it is still dark in the house, or early morning. Have any of you all experience this?

Now that my son Mykel has moved back in he is also addicted to pot. I see the light in the farthest part of the basement coming on by itself. My son also is 23. My son rants and rants how difficult his life is. I can see this light in the basement, in the farthest part turning on by itself. I am too terrified to go into the dark basement and turn it off. I wait until morning to do my laundry down in the basement. No one has turned that light on. No one goes into the basement. Sometimes I can hear spirits around drug addicts.

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Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-27)
Hello Carri,

I will add a few sentences from my own experience. Just like you, I also receive predictive dreams. It almost happens every night. Sometimes it's just about trivial things that will occurs in the next few days but at times it's messages concerning large global events. Sometimes I also receive an exact description of an event such as both time and place or names but only when it will not affect my free will - so it's rather unusual for me. Messages in dreams can come spontaneously and without asking, or they can come as a response to a question I ask before sleep. I have also noticed that the larger the event (the consequences from the event to be precise), the more advance notes. So dreams about some global future events were given to me many years ago. Some dreams are almost 50 year old.


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