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Cops Do Listen To Psychics


I am starting to become a Psychic Detective, secretly. I have had several dreams about some famous homicides.

I had a dream about a homicide and the police listened to me online. However the police won't mail me evidence, or meet with me in person so I can do a reading.

I contacted another local psychic who became rather angry with me. She said that this is not TV and I could mess up homicide cases. She was real nasty and said some other mean things. She blocked me and then reported me online to Facebook. She said I was stirring up emotions on families of homicides. She said I could mess up the case if I touch the evidence. She also said that she was a Psychic Detective that goes to crime scenes and has done homicides before.

I told her I was the real thing. I am working with a lawyer to help her with cases. I usually view a photo of a case. I will look on the internet. Then sometimes I dream of the events of the homicide. I can touch an object and dream about the events sometimes. I am a Christian who is a natural. I don't do tarrot cards, or any paranormal things. I just pray a lot and then can see spirits or dream of events.

The psychic who claims she is a Psychic Detective said, to not talk about any cases. I knew she was right about that. But I don't believe she is a Psychic Detective or she would be famous.

Well anyways, I wanted you to know that the cops do listen to gifted psychics who can give descriptions of the homicide and killer. But the Psychic Detective often views the killer rather vague. It is hard to see these killers in dreams. All I see is the killer in the dark. Or in darkness. We often don't see addresses or numbers. I see a homicide taking place and the building and the place where the killer buries them.

Without the police not showing me photos or touching some evidence. It is hard to see any more of the case. I have to see a photo, or touch something the victim or killer had to get a further reading or dream of the event.

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Nightingale (145 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-08)
Hello Carry,
Your story inspires me and will give courage to many who doubt their abilities or the worth they might share. I wish you the best of luck.
Critics will be everywhere, but remember that you have value and can make a huge difference for people this way. Always trust your instincts.
Keep courage,
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-07)
Carry I think this is wonderful
That you are putting out your abilities to help. That takes courage.

There are many people with abilities. In the metaphysical community they have many names, using props as Tarot (to focus), feeling/sensing by touching object psychometry), Clairvoyance-seeing by picture/spirits. Deja-Vu-reliving incident or Seeing in a dream by remote viewing to see the past and future. Some people just look at a person and know, what will be or it come by hearing.
Which was my mother in law and Aunt who had NDE.

In the Christian faith-dreams are viewed as prophetic and for tell of the future.
A Seerer-sees the future.
A Word of wisdom and a word of Knowledge-Past and Present.
Clairvoyance-see Angels, evil spirits and Energy:called Shekinah glory.

I believe the bottom line is we are all different. People should not have an expectation that they have no or little ability.

I believe that lady was speaking from a place that all evidence has to go before a Court jury. Publicity
Can negate evidence and influence a jury via Facebook. Courses in University and Jr Colleges as Assessment of Evidence deal with protocol of Police. Though it has been a place for you to give comfort to families. Possibly taking it a step further and open a
Window to speak one to one for a donation. Just a thought.

Though I agree she should of been more encouraging.
If you are meant to be in that position to help. Just continue to pray and the door will open in due course.

There are places that do testing for abilities. Possibly that may assist you on your journey.
John Edwards is a Catholic and submitted himself numerous times to test his ability.
He also gave readings to families in New York to bring closure and show support.

Good journey

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