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A few years ago it was very wintry and it was snowing very hard. I was worried about my son driving on the freeway. I prayed to God that he would be safe. Later that day his car was totaled on the freeway. He was taken to the hospital and amazingly there were no injuries. The doctor looked at my son and asked if he was the bionic man. I don't know why you need 1500 words for just a short story miracle? I will say my faith in Christ grew much stronger and that God was assuring me that he exists and listens to our prayers. My wife was going up the steps from our basement when she lost her balance and plummeted down the stairs flat on her back. I was very scared that she was hurt. But to my astonishment she was not hurt, another miracle in my opinion. God is surely looking out for our good well being. I was at work when I saw a puddle of oil. A stupid thought came to mind that I can tip toe through it without falling. Well guess what I was wrong, I slipped about 4 feet in the air and landed flat on my back. I laid there for 15 minutes afraid to move because I thought I was surely hurt. My shirt was full of oil and I thought the worst. Lo and behold the Lord came through again without any injuries. Well I have three hundred more words to write and it seems a bit excessive. Why I don't know but I have to fill it or all this writing will be in vain. I was in Marburg Germany on a short trip from Giessen, Germany where I was stationed in the Army there in Germany. Finished my time in the Army and was discharged in 1965 and read about the deadly Marburg virus that started two years later and am so happy that I finished my time and was out before this terrible virus was spread. Blessed is the Lord.

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