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My Weird Life Story (includes Gods And Underworld People)


It begins when I was 15, I actually believed in paranormal events and myth stuffs, nothing paranormal happen to me, then one day I met my spirit guide.he's a guy,17,American and his name is Ryan Harris. Well we got along just fine, we shared our story a lot and then we fell in love without knowing why. Then there's a guy name Nico-son of Hades came one day and actually flirted with me. At first I thought he's just some dead guy messing with me. I and him became friends after he expressed himself to me and Ryan. One day Ryan suggested me meeting the Greek gods (I don't know why) and introduce myself to them for once. I did communicate with them without preparing altars or ceremonies, they all liked me, except Aphrodite. Zeus was the god who interested in me and he chatted with me more often. Slowly he suggested me to become a DEMIGOD, just because he WANTED to. Then he gave me the potion (actually is his gene or blood) and made me drink it. But sadly my powers were limited, but the communication with myth people were strong. Some of them visited me often, bring me gifts and Zeus gave me some guards to protect my room. We don't talk much now but he said he love me still... I don't know if this is real or it's just my imagination, but sometimes they even touched me and I could really feel their hands (especially Ryan) but I don't have any dreams about them. I'm 17 now, sometimes I'm confused cause it's real and unreal at once. They said I have a special fate, but they won't show me until I passed away. I don't know if I can trust them, or believe in them, they keep hiding secrets from me. I don't know who I am and what's going on now, just hope I can see the truth one day.

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