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The Day He Came


I have many different types of gifts so I am trying to learn how to control them. So I was doing a lot of practice and meditation because they said it helps. I felt like I was in a good place until one night around 3 am I was sitting watching tv and I felt a breeze then a woman's voice whispered to me "he's coming". I immediately replied "who is he" then the voice replied " you know who he is and he is coming we need to go now" and then they left. So I was wondering if they were scared I should be terrified.

A minute later I saw something peek around the corner of the kitchen so I looked back at the tv and I saw it peek again. I got up to go check it out and I didn't see anything but the feeling I got was unexplainable. I went to my parents bathroom I felt an instant relief, but it came back once I left the bathroom and went back into the kitchen to get back in the living room. So when I sat back down I seen it peeking again. So I said you know I see you, and then it jumped in the door way.

He was just as tall as the door way I was terrified. He flew into living room and the room started spinning and the next thing I know I woke up and I couldn't remember what happened I couldn't even think it was like there was a block on my brain. I couldn't take in sound and it felt like I could lose it. I went to the bathroom and sat down away from everyone then a man's voice said to me "you need to cry" I told him I wasn't sad and he said "well you need to cry so you need to figure it out". Then I sat and thought sad thoughts until I cried and I felt the pressure release off my head. As of today I'm a different person than I was then but I'm currently learn more about myself and why the darkness is trying to attack me.

A couple days later I was laying here sleeping and I woke up and I saw something light up blue and I laid back down because I thought it was just a part of my dreaming or something. A week later while I was sitting watching tv I saw an image drawing itself on the wall in black. It drew a circle first and inside the circle it began drawing lots of up and down triangles with a small circle on the side of the big circle. I told my mom to come and look at it and she said no because it's probably not there for her to see it was meant for me to see. So that's when I ran back into the living room to see if it still was there and it was, then it lit up blue for like 10 secs and it started to erase itself. But every once in a while it might light up like its activating it self. But if anyone have ever been through this or ever seen one of these symbol let me know. I wonder if it was there for protection or is it plans to harm me. Thanks for listening.

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Leea89 (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-27)
Thanks for your comment. This happen last year, I want to say maybe around may. And it was really tall and dark and all I know the other ghost was a fraid of him. But this isn't my first run in with demons and it was weird because the ghost kept callin him he and saying I know him. I never came a cross one like him before he was different and way more powerful. But they do come for me every year. This year I feel they planning something bigger. Thats why I feel that I need help now. But the writting on the wall I never seen it before and I want to know more about. I need to learn how to protect myself as soon as possible I don't want to go out with out a fight.
Winter_Solace (109 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-05)
You blacked out after the spirit came to you? That means it drained you. That's not good. Blacking out means your physical body faints and your conscience is taken somewhere else. They must have done something pretty bad to you. What did it look like? How long ago was this?

Something telling you that you need to feel sad in order to feel better. That doesn't make sense. I don't think that was a good spirit. Demons do these things to make you darker in order for them to feed off you. Seems like that is what may have happened.

Anything that appears dark, you should automatically assume it's bad. I've seen dark wrtiings on walls and ceilings when waking up. They are written in this black mist. These give bad feelings too. I later find out these are warnings or threats from demons and just shrug them off. The drawing on the wall in black, the blue energy look like blue fire? Blue flames are demonic as well. I think you should be more cautious with listening to just any spirit. The spiritual world is a dangerous place, especially for those who are just starting out on their spiritual journey and figuring out their gifts. I recommend you shield yourself with white light constantly. WHenever you hear or see a spirit, it doesn't matter what they look like or what they say, shield yourself immediately. This will make it hard for them to drain you and make you black out. If you'd like, you can email me for more tips: jacksonk3llyrocker [at] I can help you control your abilities and way more 😁

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