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First Vision As A Child Came True


The first vision/dream I had was when I was very little, maybe around 5 years old. I think this may have been after the dream where I could "see sound."

I was out playing with my sister. My sister said she got stung by a bee-- but I looked down and felt like it was my own toe. I told her she was wrong and it was me. That they were always doing that- pretending what I saw in a dream was happening to them. But it wasn't. Not really. Not yet.

Anyway, I looked down at my toes and freaked out because they were bigger. I had an overwhelming influx of thoughts from it, and I started to cry. I didn't understand at the time. I remember thinking about some sort of nuclear war (the threats of one, I'm not entirely sure that I understood it at the time). I remember thinking that my little sister would be getting married. My toes were blue and my foot was red and a bee had stung me underneath my toe. Anyway, the things I "saw" then are what is happening now. I was stung yesterday (my toes are painted blue sparkles), my little sister is happily engaged and well, the threat of nuclear war seems to be hanging over us. About how we were all "friends" and I was going to be able to talk to some people about it. Sort of.

I told my parents what I saw, I couldn't keep it to myself. I was too little, and was getting mad because it felt like they were not listening to me. I told them what I saw. They wanted to know if it was R who was getting married, and I said no, because she wasn't here yet. That she might be the only one of us to get married. I'm beginning to think it's just that she was the first one. I keep holding out for myself, but with the kind of gift I have, I'm wondering how to keep some of the dreams and visions separate from the

But it made them mad at me (at least that's what it felt like, I'm pretty sure having a psychic kid stressed or frustrated them). My sister was the one who was hurt, why am I the one who was crying? Why do I have to be difficult, making up all these stories? Feeling what other people feel?

I know I've mentioned before about how I just "know" where I'm going to be, what tv shows I'll be watching, etc. Although I'm beginning to think that there really is no rhyme or reason to the visions, other than the fact that it was able to hold me through some really awful years.

I know that I probably frightened and upset my parents at a deeper level than even I knew. 

When I tried to talk to my mom about it a few years ago, "Well, you always were a little---" a little weird, she meant. Out there. Not quite as normal as everyone else. I've been told I'm not as "natural" as other people. Those people can go wherever with themselves. I try to talk to my mom now about it and she gets angry and hangs up the phone. I don't think I can ever mention these things to her again and it hurts me because I'm beginning to feel like they know it, and that's why they are keeping me "out"- because I already know.

Who wants to be normal, really?

As I've always seemed to have these dreams, I'm never quite sure what to do when they change or when they go away.

But I am finally, FINALLY, feeling like it's a good thing, as I don't think I've ever been this calm about anything before. Like because all the things I saw when I was little are coming true, I know I'm not crazy no matter how much others try to convince me.

Anyone out there have children who are like you, have had psychic experiences? Are able to talk to them about it? Are they able to talk to you about their dreams, if you haven't experienced it?

What about your parents? Are you able to discuss these things with them if you've had such experiences?

Have a blessed day.:)

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