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Sensing Spirits Seeing Hearing Things,visioning


I've recently have been having visions but I've been seeing and hearing things things since I was 1.5. My first visions were recent. I was visioning that I was filming this documentary about transgender siblings of the opposite sex. Now I love photography and film making and that freaked me out quite a lot when I snapped out of it. This morning I had a vision that my cousin, a random lady, and I were driving in a light grey Porsche then we sped really fast right by a school at night and we almost hit the crossing guard. He was holding a blue sign I don't exactly remember what it said but we almost hit him and missed him by a centimeter thank god we didn't and before you know it we ran into a really thick pole I was in the front with the lady driving we woke up in the hospital my family doesn't like each other but me and my cousins accident got everyone together. My cousin had a few scratches and I was so badly injured that my legs were on my body but didn't work. If you don't get what I mean look up joe from family guy. But I ended up in a wheelchair. Our family was more concerned for me. As well as seeing and hearing things I've been hearing random things when no one's there and seeing shadows. I've been getting goosebumps and hearing high pitched noises when I sense a spirit so I need help to understanding what's going on anything helps

thanks, Nick

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