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Why Is It Still Following Me?


From the earliest I can remember where I've started witnessing paranormal activity, I was about 5 living in Vacaville California, woke up in my bed really early one morning and happen to look in the corner and see a floating figure non-transparent, it had no fade & and had no feet, it honestly just looked like a white floating bed sheet, like out of a movie, it surprised me because I didn't actually figure spirits actually looked like that... So I just hid under the covers until the rest of my family woke up, it didn't stay long, it was gone in at least 30 minutes. Fast forward a year, and I've started to learn that my mom was into witchcraft, and if always catch her outside alone at night usually under a full moon at night, with candles and salt in a circle and usually some ungodly design in the middle of the salt. My grandma had been attempting to sell her house for 2-3 years without any success for the most part, until One night my mom told my grandma shed get her house sold within 5 days, and I watched her that night through the window while she was outback, really late no one was awake, she was doing something with a book and candles. The house sold 2 days later, and our family moved to Gulfport Mississippi. Here is where all the weird shiat started happening. While still living with my grandma before we move 4 months later, I started experiencing a lot of sleep paralysis. One night I woke up at 3, yes it was exactly 3 because I do remember looking at the alarm clock next to my bed, I had awoken to get some water, I was about 7 at the time. I walked out of my bedroom and into the living room, where the kitchen was right next door, but I've noticed a strange transparent glowing flower vace, with flowers in it, just chillin on the coffee table. It wasn't there when I had went to bed, and there's no way my grandma had just bought it without showing everyone. I finished my way to the kitchen, drank some water, and head back to the vace, I flashed my hand through it once, and it didn't do anything. So I just went back to bed. Once my family moved into my mom started collecting a lot of magic booms, candles, and tons of other shiat. She started doing more and more magic, mostly on the nights of full moons. One day, she decided to make her own Ouija board. The board was made out of glass and it had blue, white, and yellow paint on it with moons and stars, looked exactly like an Ouija board, at some point in this house I started seeing shadows, but would mostly just dismiss them, because they weren't that frequent, maybe like 2 really thick dark ones a month, in a small human form. (this house was built around 1970s) a year goes by, so we move again, into an older but much nicer house. The house had 3 bedrooms in it, one of which me and my brother shared, one my sister had all to herself, and one my mom had all to herself. There was no real problems in the house except for one room, my sister's room, though we really hadn't notice anything until after Katrina in 2005 when the houses walls had be torn down for mold, and then fully rebuilt by 2007. My sister must have stayed in her room for about 8 months before she came an admit she was seeing shadows and voices were trying to be her friends and such. She started developing large bags under her eyes, must have been over an inch from fighting the urge to sleep in that room, so my mom let her stay in her room and wed just keep the door shut. I was about 11 at the time and my sister is my twin. During my time in this house the shadows I've started seeing increased, but I could just never fully catch one glimpse of it with my full eye, it would always be out the corner and then when I'd look it be gone. My grandpa was over for the weekend and he said in the morning he said he felt sharp needles keep stabbing him in the back and chest when he was sleeping, there was nothing wrong with the mattress... He refused the next few nights to sleep in that room, same for my uncle as he had reported the same thing. My sister's bedroom was also covered in tons of stuffed animals and one big giant creepy doll she had kept away in her closet, knowing how realistic it looked. One when I was about 14 it was sometime in July, me and my brothers room was cooking, even with the fans on, and ac, so we both decided to sleep somewhere different instead of our bedroom. I went into my sister's bedroom, I for sure kept the door open since in was already paranoid enough about what my family has been saying, I had her nightlight on too, you could say it was fairly bright in her room, I really did feel like I was being watched. I was laying in her bed, a good few after midnight, had the sheets over my head, when I woke up and felt like I was being watched, I pulled the sheets from over my head and saw this blank white transparent face looking over me. It must of have been floating at least 7 feet from the floor and it just stared into my face, I froze for 3 seconds, before I had enough courage to pull the sheets back over my face... And lay there in shock... I was even peaking at it through the sheets and it was still there, wouldn't leave, I then even felt it push me but kept telling myself it didn't, I sure didn't sleep that night, and after hours of hiding I finally got the balls to run the opposite way of the face and into the Galway back into my bedroom. If I had to describe the face the best way I can, it looked like a blank mardi gras face, transparent and glowing. A few years go by and my mom starts doing more and more witchcraft, as in get older I start seeing more shadows and start becoming more negative, I develop sleep insomnia. This one night I was outside with my mom, I was 15, and she had One giant short log layed out, with 4 sticks laying on the log, one to represent each family member. Me, my brother, sister, mom. It was a full moon, not a cloud in the sky, I forgot what the spell was for, but anyways, my mom told us to bow out heads and say a few words... We did. And she said now look in the sky, I kid you not that same log with the 4 sticks on it formed the exact same way it did out of clouds the way she had it set up on the ground. I'll never forget that, now I'll really believe witchcraft is real... Later on when I was 17, before we moved out of that house, my mom hired a ghost hunters team to pick up paranormal activity, the only thing they got was 3 long deep scratches on two of the men's back. Clawmarks. Later that year I played the Ouija bored with my mother, and we made contact with our dead uncle, who has died in Palm springs CA, we've asked it various amounts of questions, two in particular I'll share. One of the first ones was if I was going to make it through the marines, since I was joining in 3 months, it answered yes, or my "uncle" did. The second question my mom asked it was if I was having dark tendencies towards drugs. Which I most certainly was, Ecstasy was my shiat. I ended up doing Ecstasy for 3 days straight while hanging out with friends, and then managed to have one the worse comedowns of my life. Those shadow figures I was talking about earlier, remember that? I could now see them even more clearer than ever before, and there was way more than I've thought. For 3 weeks straight before I left for boot camp I refused to sleep at night for that's when they be out the most, slept during the day, it was terrible. I managed to get into an argument sometime before I left for bootcamp, and in her messages she wrote things that have been happening, which I will be getting to later. I started talking to my father who I haven't seen since I was 3, that my mom has kept hidden from me. He something really strange to say about her. He said he had come home one night in Fredonia NY, he said all the Windows were open and there were no lights on, just candles. He had told me the dogs were going "Crazy Mad" and he had managed to find his way down to the cellar. He said there was a strange amount of light coming from behind the furnace, so he looked, and behind that furnace he found a pentagram, with candles and a cut out picture of him, with a dagger next to him with a letter of everything that was going to happen to him, (hed lose his family, his home, his parents, his money, his children, hed go to jail,) all kinds of shiat, but the scariest part he told me was that, it all came true. My cousin wrote something similar on me, and now my life has been taking a turn for the worse, I'm now homeless, served a 6 month sentence in jail for something I didn't even do, now there's people trying to kill me, and I keep seeing this one same dark looking figure where ever I go, right before something bad happens, as if it is following me to make my life miserable, no I'm not high, I've been stopped doing drugs, and they weren't even the bed kind, I've been sober as can be for a good year and I see this dark figure right before something takes turns for the worse. I believe I've been cursed and tried to uncurse myself, nothing seems to be working. I feel like it's smart enough not to harm me, but it wants me to harm myself, One night it really got to me and I've tried to hang myself, and I could feel like it was just taking over my body, the only thing that saved me really was the thought of my mom. I've now think I have recognized it as not a demon, but some negative entity, that has been following me for a long time, and it feeds off my sorrow, I feel like the only way to get right of this now that I've recognized it is to stay positive and never let it get to me, because I'm guessing that's when it gets stronger, (like when I tried to kill myself) if you have any advice for me, please feel free to say something.

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LightWay (3 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-10)
[at] Gthlvrmx,
I appreciate your sharing, and I will absolutely do this daily for two weeks. I just completed my first invocation. Thank you very much.
gthlvrmx (64 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-10)
Hello LightWay,

Try this:

The invocations will remove any entities attached to you. The shields will prevent them from attaching again to you. Do them all twice daily for about a week or two and see how you things are after that.

I tried asking for Archangel Michael's help as well for you to find the entity and dealing with it, hopefully that helped and did the job.
LightWay (3 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-09)
Hello again,
I am coming in request of any intuitive or suggestions for what else I can do...

This is only my second message to this group, and I have appreciated some emails of support with suggestions. I have been dealing with a very sudden spirit/entity/being visiting me on what started to be nightly visits when I would be asleep. I sleep on the sofa now now, and for the past couple of nights, the breathing-pulsating sounds (as best as I can describe) have been more frequent and ongoing. I was awoken last night at about 11:45pm, and did not fall back to sleep. I have been going to Mass every morning M-F for communion, then I head into work (Social Work). Today, I dozed off on the couch at around 6pm, and was awoken to the same sounds. Sometimes the sounds are closeby, other times a distance away. What's changing is that the noises will follow me. When I attempt to sage, or spray salt water, the sound goes in back of me. Today, I thought to cover both of my ears, and the exact sounds were what seemed to be in both ears, or in between? Please know, I have never been under psychiatric care, no diagnosis, no medications. I am independent and take of myself. No alcohol or drug either. This has been going on for about 6 mos now. I have had a Medium come to my home, the Paranormal Team, and a Priest from my church. The spirit has followed me 2-4x to church, 3 times to work, and has been heard in my car a few times. Does this mean it is attached? If so, what needs to happen? The Paranormal Team said they would be back to video tape me sleeping, and to do a cleansing, and that was approx 4 mos ago. My small dog is very much aware of this presence and insists on marking the walls and even marked my left calf when I was brushing my teeth, months ago, when it started happening. This has been sudden and exhausting. Thankfully, there has been no harm done. I have prayed out loud to God, and talked to the spirit and scolded it as well, when it doesn't stop. Typically, it will quiet down, but now it is not. It will not answer who/what/why. I am very sensitive, intuitive, etc., but I need assistance with this. I use sage, incense, Himalyan lamps, amethyst and tourmaline crystals. Noting seems to help. I pray out loud often, and keep fresh scents burning. I'm wiped out, and with my demanding career, this has got to stop. It is extremely challenging to find a reliable source of support. My family does not reside locally, and well, this is not a topic to delve into at work. Intuitive and suggestive comments are appreciated.

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