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My Grandmas Death Triggered My Dreams To Come True, Why Now?


6/1/2016 my grandma passed away from cancer. I started getting dreams of her, friends, and family members telling me the same message that I am going to be with the love of my life soon, and that I need to go to a certain place (a city I don't want to say) to find myself. They said I would be with the love of my life in this city that I've never been to, in my dreams this person had no face but he was tall, had dark brown hair, overall he just felt blissful or peaceful to be around. I've never had dreams like this, some nights I would wake up feeling like if he was there, and cry because he wasn't, the dreams started on October 16th 2016, 3 days after my 18th birthday. In one of the dreams, someone told me he was dating someone, but we were meant to be together anyways, the last dream I had of him was at this park I recently went to and found out, and somehow in each dream we end up running into each other randomly, or he'll be passing by waving at me, even in one of them a friend showed me a photo of him, and I told her I already knew who he was. I was never into tall browned haired men, nor was I into the subject of fate, marriage, family. But those dreams spooked me along with that I was also dreaming of my future kids later on. Anyways the last dream instead of walking around together, running into each other, we just sat on this park bench I don't remember what we talked about, but I felt like as if we needed to be there for each other, and that everything was okay if we were it was a never before experienced bliss. He held my hand as if he was trying to comfort me or was saddened at the thought of not seeing each other. In my dreams I know he had a blank face but I always felt like he was smiling all of the dreams were cloudy and grey it would rain a little sometimes in one of the dreams my grandma told me I have two years left to be with him. Later on by the 3rd week of July 2017 the dreams stopped mostly because I was angry and prayed for them to go away, I cried at the last dream when my grandma showed up as a light, firmly talking to me telepathically telling me to listen and that it isn't a coincidence, the dream was bright and was set up in a classroom I've never been in, it was white, and the clock was spinning showing only 1:11. After that I remained angry then stopped focusing on those dreams of going to the place she was telling me which is hours away from the foreign place she grew up in but later on I was told she always went there with her parents. I started my 1st year of uni in September, and for some reason I was bitter again, maybe because of the change but September 21st 2017 around 9 am I was furious, I questioned on why I was here, and that there had to be a reason why I was here, and I was angry at my grandma for that which school had no part or so I thought. I was running late on my 2nd day, I felt so negative as if people were staring, I found my classroom, it was pale white with windows on the side, three seats were left, I look at the back of this guys head and thought, "he won't talk to me, perfect" I sat down I stared over not making eye contact, he was quiet. We had to get a welcome worksheet for class, he got up before me, so I went to go get a worksheet, he handed me one and we both just pause staring at each other as if we knew each other, I couldn't even speak so we both went and sat back down. We had to introduce ourselves to the entire class and the professor skipped over me so I intruded on him speaking and said a little joke on what I'm excited for this school year, people thought it was funny, and for some reason I knew he wasn't from here yet I felt like I really knew him, and it wasn't about attraction much either just a feeling that day. He introduced himself and my eyes were widened, I heard his accent and it sounded familiar then I thought "no he couldn't be from" then I was shocked he said he was from the place I was dreaming about, I didn't know what to say but somehow we started talking about the joke I mentioned, then started talking about the city he is from, we just clicked, that\'s never really happened to me, being around him was very peaceful, it still is. 2nd week I decided not to focus on the dreams and wanted to get to know him but for some reason we were both quiet, speaking of which we exchanged numbers the first day we met. I'm not really shy, I was mostly weirded out by him and my dreams I didn't know how to react. By early October when I wanted to ask him to study together, a minute later he asked me. Soon after we started studying with groups, though mostly just the two of us together, sometimes we would eat breakfast together, drink coffee too in the evenings. He started acting different right before winter break, I was disappointed he couldn't hang out that night even though we hung out two nights before, and we were just both quiet on exam day, its difficult being mad at him because I get really sarcastic, and he'll repeat what I said back to me, then I'll realize that I didn't mean it which nobody has ever stopped me from being sarcastic. I thought we were on bad terms so I texted him to have a good break back home, he ended up texting me the next day in the morning, then called me though I was asleep and my phone never said that he called, so around 4 pm I told him sorry I didn't answer then he answered saying it was an accident and that he was sorry, then we didn't really talk over the break I found out in January that over the break he got with this girl, they're still dating. We still were friends, though he never seemed to mention her except for the negatives. Either way, over the break I started seeing a lot of numbers starting with 444 and 111, then later on all the other ones, now I see 921 (the day we met), 1122, 717, 818, 21, 747, 222, his birthday, and my birthday a lot since the middle of June. We would talk for hours about a lot of serious things and personal things over coffee so much that we wouldn't even finish our coffees, I don't condone cheating by the way so I never would try anything. Also I started getting dreams about him and they started coming true every time and they progress, before we left for spring break we paused outside and had a weird moment even though we've had many weird occurrences this one was just us outside, he got quiet and just stared at me I thought he wanted a hug goodbye so I removed my bag then he freaked out and started talking telling me to text him over the break to see what I'm doing. Over the break, I went to the city I wanted to go to, he was having surgery and couldn't hang out, I went in November too and he wasn't there he was in the US. Right after the break I started worrying that he was going to leave school, which we talked about but this time out of nowhere I was crying and freaking out, then I calmed down, later that night I dreamt that I was having a family and friend reunion, he was there, and he ended up leaving and I was upset, and my other friend said don't worry he'll be back, I woke up to a text saying he was leaving and wanted to talk before, but I woke up too late he was already home a few hours away. The reason why I kept on hoping for us to stay friends or be together was because of the feeling, I didn't feel nervous around him at all yet I felt excited to see him, I could tell him everything same with him, he was into spiritual stuff too like this though not as in depth that I know of, he's a much more calmer version of me and makes things seem so simple despite intelligence, our conversations are very odd at times, we don't really do small talk at all except for in text, he started acting weird towards spring and would start texting me out of nowhere then I would say "are you okay? Do you want to hang out or something" since we aren't really texters. When he left, I ended up sleeping the day after and woke up screaming and crying, I've never done that in my entire life, but it felt like someone ripped out my heart or as if I was sinking, I cried for an entire hour and felt like crying that entire day. Usually people ask me what I should do, but he would tell me what I need to do, and his main focus was on me being happy, and that I can only decide on what makes me happy. Every time I want to ask him something he seems to bring up the same thing without me having to ask, and I'll have dreams of him texting me and wake up to texts, now since my dreams are progressing, recently I've had dreams of the both of us running after each other, kissing and finding each other in this city and being together. When I'm around him my brows tingle, and my head does too, or when he's close by, now this month my crown has been tingling a lot (doesn't hurt), and my chest and upper stomach feels like its tingling and has butterflies in it constantly out of nowhere, now I have this feeling like something good is about to happen. Oh and I should mention after I got the dreams I wrote down a list of traits I want in a guy and he has all of them (which at the time I liked someone else a lot). Our families are set up the same too, we're both the youngest also, and he's the same sign as my grandma, he only has one grandparent left, and he used to live in the states during the times I visited a lot, the year he moved was the year I stayed the longest there. We're the same with core beliefs and most of our personality traits are alike, same mannerisms (though he waves at me a lot), we both want two kids, live in a city, though hes more social than me, and takes more risks/adventurous. Forgot to also say during the time in our other class we had (which I'm so glad we had two classes together) during one of our tests, the clock in the classroom was broken and kept spinning quickly, I was internally freaking out while sitting next to him, though he always know when I'm upset or worried. Also I'm never nervous to look in his eyes, we remain eye contact a lot (he never breaks it), he's with this girl that\'s the opposite of me (very cheerful, and bubbly) even though he moved back, we still text a lot which sucks but we check in on each other with how we're doing, health issues, problems, etc. Off topic I can also see orbs, and auras. When I talk about him for some reason I see a lot of purple energy flame looking things I see many different signs that involve him not just the numbers. Anyways I'm wondering why my chest is tinging and why I feel like something good is about to happen soon, I feel very at bliss and euphoric also now I keep on seeing two doves. Sorry this is long but I don't have anyone to talk to about this as much, I know I need to go to see him that's all I want, but I'm just not sure when, I also need to see distant relatives there too. I don't worry about anything when we're together, and I usually never hang on to someone for this long, nor do I ever have this feeling I can't describe. But for some reason at this moment I just feel love and happiness, its not even when I think about him, its just a feeling like something good is about to happen. Tonight I keep on hearing a number dialing noise, also sorry I'm random. I know I need to wait and see what happens, but I need your opinions on this and any similar experiences you've gone through, his grandma past away a few months ago so I wonder if he gets dreams too, or anything he notices, I know he notices something when we stare at each other its just all familiar. I get deja-vu all the time, but this is way intense. I'm Libra, he's Taurus. I just feel like I'm missing something or like I'm not listening on what I need to do.

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kesnitt1995 (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-21)
Please don't worry about you getting together with him because it will happen, your dream is the proof.
Be calm until then.

I don't have a proof as of now because I am stuck in a similar problem. Two years ago, I started searching for her after my intuition gave me her name. She is a family acquaintance that I had met in 2008 but never after that. I am yet to see her as of now in person.
In April 2019, I found her contact number unexpectedly. I engaged in a chat for a month but things didn't pan out as expected. She wasn't interested in me.
In the end of June, I had a dream in which we were already married and walking out together from my parents' house as we were having a conversation.
I do have unanswered questions about how to make this happen, but I always feel like this will happen. I understand what you are going through because I do miss her in my own way.
I know my answer is incomplete but I believe that I will get her when the time is right.

Please be reassured, you will get him. Trust God and he will definitely show you a way out. Remember, it is all about TIME.

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