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Psychic Scam And Demon Possession


I want to post in here because I know that there are a lot of faithful people who believe in the other side and probably go to psychics. Not all psychics are bad but I unfortunately had a terrible time with one and I want to warn unsuspecting people about the hell that I've been through. I was the victim of a gypsy scam. She went by the name Scarlett Evans. Her real name was Sharon Scarlett Demetro of Cherry Hill, NJ. Her aunts last name was Evans. She is also a resident near Orlando Florida and 21 years old. She approached me at the Cherry Hill Mall with her two young children and did a reading on me. It was very accurate. She knew things that no one could have. She then proceeded to tell me that there was negative energy on me which was the reason why I was single. She said she could cleanse me of the bad energy with a crystal ball that I was to bring home with me for ten days. That the crystal would just soak up the negative energy in my home so I brought the ball home with me. I loved crystals and had a friend that was into energy healing and crystals so I didn't think much of it. Thats when I started to get attacked by demons. Sharon told me that the demon had been with me a long time and now it decided to show itself because it was angry that I was trying to get rid of it with the crystal. She told me that it was attached to an heirloom on my fathers side of the family and that it needed to be found and cleared. She came to my home to search psychically for the object and ended up taking my possessions to do 'clearings' on them. Thats when the situation escalated. I started to physically be attacked by the demon pushed, scratched, raped. I was terrified. I was praying constantly, calling out to Jesus. Sharon then exhorted money and a car from me, telling me that she was a messenger from God, and that God wanted me to donate to a church. She was exceptionally convincing and could have won an award for her acting abilities. I was terrified and would have done anything to get this thing off of me. She asked for a sample of my hair and started telling me that if I didn't give her the money I was going to die. My prayers weren't helping and it was then that I realized she was doing witchcraft on me. I really became scared of her. The demons were coming at me with high pitched screams. One actually slammed into me while I was sitting on my sofa praying and knocked me over. Sharon disappeared to Florida with my cash, possessions, and a car she stole from me. I had to get the police involved with the car which she did return, but not the cash or possessions. Things only got worse for me and Its been two years and I am possessed. I fought hard to not get possessed. I was in constant prayer, church, and I am living in torment everyday and can no longer believe in Jesus as I'm being mind controlled. It's very rare, but the demon that attacked me mind manipulated me with a constant barrage of thoughts against the existence of God/Jesus/Mary/ the Angels. No one that I've reached out to for help has seen a case of mind control like mine. The demon wore down my faith, then it entered my body through my heart and the back of my head. I've since lost all human emotions and feelings and the ability to feel and experience love. I have been through Catholic exorcism about 10 times, not to mention multiple deliverances through Christian churches. Many times through prayer and fighting the thoughts against God I would feel his power and pure love come and try to push this demon out of my body but as soon as the demon would put a thought against God in my head I would feel God's energy go away. I would do this over and over. Without faith in God there is no hope for someone in my situation. It is very rare that exorcism will help without faith, unless it is a child. You can not imagine the hell I live in everyday. My entire insides burn and are squeezed. I've lost all ability to feel emotions, think clearly. It feels like I am in a constant fog. Sometimes I am squeezed so hard I can barely breathe and it feels like I have 100 pound weight on my head and shoulders. It is constant torment. I am 38 years old and had a good life. This happened to me when I was 35. I was in the prime of my life, had a successful business, college degree, friends, strong faith in God. I worked my butt off to get where I was. I loved life and had a warm vibrant personality and a positive perspecive. Friends would always come to me for advice and guidance. But I was definitely naive and way too trusting of people. I, also, had seen different psychics in the past and was curious of new age which opened the door to me trusting this woman. I thought it was all fun and games and while I grew up Catholic I was overeducated in theology and saw Jesus as a historical figure and a great prophet of God that I greatly admired. I didn't understand that Jesus was literally my savior. I bought into new age beliefs and I questioned if there really was a hell. The devil used this all against me. Let this be a warning for anyone that is thinking of going to a psychic. You just never know who you are going to get. This girl was pure evil as is her entire family who are also in the same business as her near Orlando, Florida and Cherry Hill, NJ. Now my life is over and without my mind and faith there is no hope for me. I had no history of mental illness but now I am mentally ill and am on multiple medications which do nothing to help. They put me to sleep, otherwise I can't sleep. At night I dream of hell. I used to have the most beautiful dreams. I'd dream that I was flying over the most beautiful beach and I'd see my mom who had passed away. Now I see demons and interestingly enough I see people I've known who are not right with God. I've come to understand that you could be the most vile person, but if you have faith in a higher power then you are saved. It's truly all about faith. I was a very good person. I always thought of others before myself. I tried to live my life through the teachings of Jesus, but none of that matters anymore. My thoughts are overtaken with selfish and evil thoughts, I don't care about anything or anyone. I can't feel love anymore or even connect with my mom who I loved to the moon and the stars. I am a shell of a person and I don't feel human anymore. I can't stress it enough. Beware psychics that ask you for money to take negative energy off of you. Anyone that talks about bringing dirt from your house, going to a graveyard to do a ceremony, tarot cards, demons, using your hair, picture, voodoo dolls, spiritual work that is expensive. They prey on the weak and naive. It is all witchcraft. They will hide behind pictures of Jesus and Mary and tell you that they read their bibles. They will quote scripture and then pull out their tarot cards. Beware. Being a good person won't save your soul and it doesn't make you exempt from evil. It is best to just stay away from all of these things. Rely on your own intuition. No one knows you better than you know yourself. Unless it is a highly respected psychic with a gift from God don't go... And even then it is not good to base your life decisions on the guidance of someone else. Something in my intuition told me this girl was bad news but I didn't listen. I believed in God and I thought that I was protected by things like this. I never in a million years thought this could happen to me. I just thought this was made up stuff in the movies. I was wrong. Now not only my life is ruined but so is my eternal life. I'll never get to feel love again or see my mom and what I've seen of's incredibly horrific. I can't even think about it to be honest with you. Be grateful for every day and for the freedoms you have for the love and the feelings you are gifted with in your heart. They are a gift from God and can be taken away. I realize that there are 7 billion people in this world and only a handful will go through what I've endured. Many will be attacked by devils, but most not like me, it is very rare. That being said don't take the chance. Whatever religion you are, most religions believe in God, a creator, and a story of good vs. Evil. Stay close to your faith in God. Listen to that voice within. Pay attention to your dreams. If you don't believe in Jesus just try to start. Before my mind got completely messed up, I did believe, I could pray to Him in faith and the love I felt was truly nothing of this world as was Mother Mary. They are pure love. I would give anything to feel Him again. I wish that before this I truly knew the love of Jesus and Mary. I would have prayed all the time just to feel that high and be close to them. This never would have happened to me because I wouldn't have been searching for answers outside of Him, outside of myself.

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Blubber108 (1 stories) (9 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-03)
It's been a year how are you holding on now? I've endured and am still enduring similar hell as you with the emotional numbness, feeling of emptiness and needing medication to fall asleep. Know that it's not your fault. No matter what the demon or sorcerer told you.

God is most definitely real, I am still trying to figure out things for myself. I don't want to become a shell of my self either, being narcissistic and vampiric due to low energy from this demon that i've dealt with as well. I feel your struggle.

Situations like this can cause us to recoil in fear of reaching out for the fear that nobody is who they portray themselves to be. If you remember that it's ok to ask God, his angels and your guardian angels for help its a better place to be than afraid of everything in the supernatural world.

Do you still feel this entity around you? It seems like they read our thoughts but what they do, do is see our emotional state. When they can get us to despair or believe their lies, damage can be done when our faith in life/love is low.

I personally don't know how to undo the damage they cause when they do manage to break your faith, the only thing that I've seen so far is God. But the results have not been permanent for me, it really is a tough battle and I'm proud of you for having the strength to hold your ground with so few resources and feeling abandoned by spirit.

I don't know how to help you, but post an update maybe?
angel10023 (guest)
7 years ago (2017-08-14)
Thank you both for your kind words. There isn't much hope for me because I am being mind controlled so bad. I can't feel love or believe in God anymore so they don't come to help me like they used to. I just hope my story finds someone to warn them. I made a website with some of my experiences...
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-13)
First of all I am sorry for your torment and past. I wish I could help you physically and face to face but, I cannot. I will attempt to remotely and give you advice to help you. I like others here would never ask for or expect payment from you. I want you to know that you can click on a posters user name and read past posts and gain more information. There is a lot of good advice on this site. Some of it can be taken with a grain of salt. You have to decide for your self what to take and cast aside. All that you have written is in my wheelhouse. I am a Christian believer and a psychic or sensitive, whichever you prefer. I deal with the darker side of the paranormal and try to warn people of the dangers.
This is about you not me but I am giving you some background to help you understand. Ultimately you are still in control and not beyond help or change. Don't give up on God or the Holy Trinity because he and they won't give up on you.
I was attacked by a coven of Devil worshiping Satanists and they threw everything they had at me. One in particular tried to curse and Hex me and after some time even admitted in person to my face what he tried to do. I was attacked during the day and at night but was able to repel all of it. I was even attacked by another psychic from their group. It was God and my beliefs that kept me safe and unaffected. When dealing with the dark arts only God is your true protector and deliverer. This is unpopular with some but, has rang true for me for 50 years. Even right now while I am trying to write to you I am getting resistance from your tormentor. I hope this message finds you in the way it was intended. I am only on here posting when people really need it and I am compelled to. I really only want to help people and if I charged anything for it God would remove my gifts from me. I will keep you in my thoughts and pray for you to be delivered from your torment. When you are truly dealing with an evil entity, minion or Demon you are also responsible in your part of being delivered from them. Cleansing, smudging, and crystals will only amuse a Demon and bring more torment. What works on some souls and spirits will not have any effect on a Demon. Usually a few words from a true believer will bring much more pain and fear to it.
The fact that you can write to us and share proves that you are not beyond taking control of your situation. Some times God likes to show just where the real power resides.
God has put a little spark of himself in every human being and his voice is there guiding us if we pay attention. It is called the Holy spirit. In the same token it allows us to ask for his help and protection at all times if we truly believe in his existence. No one is beyond help or saving even until the last nano second of their lives. He believes in you even when you don't believe in your self.
You need to cleanse you and do what it takes to regain your faith. You need to find someone near you to help support you in your struggle. Cut all attachments to evil influences around you. People, substances, TV shows, music, places. Anything that weakens your will power. Learn how to talk personally with your creator and your higher or inner self. Focus on the love of a person close to you and use that feeling as a shield.
I hope any of what I have written will give you hope and comfort of some kind.
I have gifts or curses depending on how you perceive them that have let me see through or past the veil or wall of protection on this dimension of existence. I have seen Demons in their true form. I have watched them control people like a puppet master and laugh and smile while doing it. I have seen them turn and look at me and laugh and dance and give a drooling smile as if to say they are mine. It is quite angering. They know I can see them and then they just vanish. I have watched peoples faces and bodies distort and change in the middle of the day as they are possessed and used. I have been involved in cleansing and driving them out of spaces and people. Evil is real and does exist. It is up to people to resist it's influence if possible and ask for God's help when they can't.
I am very saddened and frustrated when I see people embrace the dark arts as fun and exciting and think that there is no consequence.
Again even though I am not near to help you, I will pray for you and keep you in my thoughts. Don't give up.
empathca123 (1 stories) (13 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-13)
I am so sorry for your experience with this person. However some of the things she told you are somewhat accurate. Like crystals. They do have power. Whatever power you put into them that's what they project. This woman may have activated the crystal with malice for you and the demon around you probably started feeding off of it and that's why it was able to attack you. Be very careful! I think you need to cleanse your house and get rid of this evil in your life.

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