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I Had A Dream That Came True


On a normal Wednesday, I woke up from a strange dream and I was crying. I had a dream of one of my childhood friend's grandmas being lowered into a grave but with the coffin still open. I was holding my friend's hand while she was crying and shaking (one of my other friends was holding my other hand and crying also). Her grandma was very nice and it also made me cry (obviously because I also kind of grew up with her around).

Her grandma was 82 at the time and was in hospital anyway after surviving an operation. She seemed to be getting better so I thought nothing of the dream and got on with life. On Saturday though, my family were off to Spurn Point and while in the car my mum told me that my friend's grandma actually died today (that Saturday). It was just so unreal though, weird.

Another dream like this happened a while back when I used to live in Russia and in my dream I was surrounded by guns until they all shot me. The day after, someone in my neighbourhood went missing and when they found the body, he was shot to death thrice in the chest. I didn't personally know the man though.

I've not had many more experiences as such so far but my dreams tend to be strange anyways. Fighting with Satan or ancient Egyptian Gods though I doubt those mean anything. I used to not really believe in the supernatural but with an experience like one of there I really start to question my beliefs.

Have any of you guys had anything similar that came true?

Thank you.

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jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-27)
Dear Limia,

The precognitions you had are only the beginning. If you choose to follow the path of the spiritual development, you'll be able to see more images of what can happen in the future. When it comes to the future, some events change it by a lot, they are turning points of sort. It means that some of the visions to happen in a few days/months/years may not happen the same way you've seen them or you even could experience an image of a glass shattering in your mind, where it'll be very hard to try to remember the vision you had.

Also, the fighting with Satan or egyptian gods can be a sign that evil forces have already investigated in your life and your abilities and now there's a choice to make: will you follow the path of goodness or the path of evil. I'm sure it was only one of the signs of the upcoming choice to make.

If you're interested to learn more or just talk to someone, either leave a reply or email me


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