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Visions? Dreams? Destruction?


Throughout my life I've had visions, from small events to large events, and have all happened later on in my life. My visions would occur from 1 week to months in advance to the actual event. I'm 21 now, and my visions that have happened have all been positive or Non-life threatening. Except this one vision, hopefully just a dream, I have of destruction, and it hasn't happened yet. Lately it's been in the back of mind and I feel it will happen in Oregon. Now, I don't want this destruction to happen here where I live. I have a good stable job, and Oregon is the state that has one of the highest pay rates for the job field I'm in.

The vision/dream began in the beginning of this year, and I wrote it off as a dream. I didn't have the dream a second time. As time goes on, it pops up in the back of my mind when I'm at work. I walk by the engine/boiler room and I see a glimpse of it exploding. I walk through the production floor, and I see a glimpse of the machinery breaking disconnecting. I always stop the thought and move on to focus on my job. It's very very weird and I'm working on not stress in over it. Now, my company is giving everyone the 21st day off, so I took that as the perfect time for me to take vacation in a different state. I get the whole week off, and both weekends, making the most of my vacation time with the pre-scheduled days off. Yay!

Wait, then I find out the danger the Solar Eclipse may have on the Cascadian Subduction zone & Wildfires WAY AFTER I had alreday scheduled the time off. NOW, How Do I Stop Fretting Over This Coincidence? I Want To Be Able To Return To A Job and Not have to join the rat race of finding another job.

Have you had Visions of some type of Destruction before? Did it happen to you or people you knew or cared about?

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jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
6 years ago (2017-08-27)
Dear PsychicDark,

I had similar experience while working at a huge sports shop. It was pertty scary though. I had a vision of a terrorist attack happening there where the terrorists were holding hostages and killing people at the same time. They didn't want money but to cause fear. Luckily it didn't happen, but the time I was seeing that I was very stressed out by work and my personal life. I've seen it few more times before falling asleep and it was at the back of my head when I was at work.

Maybe what you've seen about your workplace is simply result of stress or a sign of what could happen. Also, you can point out to the manager that the state of the machines isn't perfect and ask when was the last maintainance.

You do need to take your time and chill. I hope you will enjoy your vacation.

ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
6 years ago (2017-08-16)
Yes I also have experienced things like this in the past. For me it was vivid dreams like watching a short film. I would dream about things in vivid detail and then farther in the future it would happen. I had a dream about the tsunami in Phuket Thailand 2 years before it happened and did not piece it together until I saw the first video on the water rushing in. The scene looked just like what I had a dream about. I did not dream about where it was just what it looked like when it happened. I had never seen anything like it before in my life. I live in the midwest and have never seen or been in Thailand. Some of my visions give me a location or street sign or geographic area and some don't. I normally have to be in a Trance state or forced meditation to see that kind of stuff. Sometimes I get information just pop into my head randomly when I am not even thinking about that item. Sometimes I can look at a person and see a flash of what they are going to do or what will happen to them a few minutes before it does. I have actually warned someone that they needed to move a knife or it would fall off the table and cut them while cleaning fish. They gave me an irritated look and 10 seconds later it happened just like I told them. Then while I am trying to help stop the bleeding they are blaming me for their injury.
You never know what information you will be given or if and when it will take place.
PsychicDark (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2017-08-16)
Well, this might be in the wrong category. If there isn't a better one, then it has to be okay. It is a Vision/Dream yes, but I was Never in a trance or altered state.

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