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Along with the other bloggers here I have had eerie knowing experiences. I know gifts without touching them-who is calling or whom was at the door without expecting anyone. I knew a few numbers of the lottery usually just the power ball. But never enough to win more than 40 dollars. Those kinds of Phenomena I figure have to just be clairvoyance-- But there is a perfectly logical explanation for feelings of being followed and maybe in the case of intimate friends-knowing their thoughts.

When someone bakes peanut butter cookies- I immediately know that's what they are. And they are. My brain-sense of smell tells me exactly what is in the air. OK so you are walking down the street-suddenly you get an creepy feeling of being followed-could your brain be reading the cells of the person following you?

Billions of cells are bouncing off of us all the time. In a study testing the power of cells I read about 25 years ago? They took the test subject 1,5, 1nd 10 miles away. Some of her cells were harvested and put in a petri dish grown out-hooked up to electrodes-at 1, 5, and 10 miles she was subjected to emotional things-the electrodes jumped at the split second the woman was startled etc... So cells live off the body and still react while the person isn't present. So if breathing downwind of someone's creepy intention it is a possibility we really are smelling a rat. Or actually reading their intentions-Our brains are magnificent.

In the case of a mate or someone we live with -how many billions of cells are in the air with their thoughts, fears, daydreams-we literally ingest-inhale-. But maybe total strangers are blowing off copious amounts of cells we're reading-the brain is interpreting. If a dog can find you miles away -they ingest the cells and just follow that one taste. Being aware that you can literally catch wind of something before it happens--and for whatever reason we bloggers all more sensitive than most-then we can develop our sense-scents? To really know. If bad guys give off creepy scent cells- maybe computers could be programmed to sense that scent. Put outside Airport entrances, courthouses, banks, stores---stadiums, Concert halls, government buildings.Cafes-while the shooter is creeping up the people are forewarned. The bad guy scent-sensors could be solar powered so the energy to them couldn't be cut. Whole data bases could be made of known criminal's scents. Just like fingerprints. Sadly if those folks were rehabilitated-if in a scent data base-life could be hell for them. Maybe cells are left on victims-of the killers the scent monitors can read it and if a suspect is found-could prove it was them or not--quickly-scents would decay-at rates so if a cell scent were planted-that could be proved too. I can smell the reward -someone invent this!

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amy1965 (1 stories) (9 posts)
9 years ago (2016-01-06)
i LOVE this! I truly get what you are saying-maybe some of us are more sensitive to smell. I am VERY sensitive to smell, have been all my life. They have proven that cells seem to have memory. I am sure you have heard stories of transplant recipients having food cravings or new preferences in music unexplained feelings about things, only to find out that the actual organ donor LOVED that certain food they were craving or loved a certain type of music,etc.i have had MANY experiences of "smelling a rat" and was right every time. I don't think they could train a computer to do this-though if you would have told me 15 years ago about smart phones and what they could do I would have laughed in your face and called you a fool! I do believe that they could employ sensitive people to work in airports as screaners and as plainclothes "plants"-just like those people hired to look like customers who walk around the store following people and checking to see if they are stealing... You are really onto something-this literaly explains MANY things in my life, as I have many unexplainable and major precognative and paranormal type experiences throughout my life. I have always said that I feel like all my senses are unusually heightened-this really ties into that theory! Smelling cell-I LOVE IT!

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