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Finding Out I'm Empath. Makes Sense


I'm a 26yr old girl. I've always felt I was "different" than my family. I've always been the "emotional one". I remember praying to God and asking him to change me into a stronger person like my sister, who is hardly emotional.

I recently had a reading by a psychic. I was blown away with what she told me (she said I was Empath, congrats!). She knew I was a people person, I always loved being around happy people. She knew I was the friend that everyone went to for advice or having a rough day. When my friends had bad breakups or going through tough times I was the girl who always checked up on them and had them on my mind. Like I could feel/sense their pain, even if they tried hiding it. When I would feel negativity from someone, I feel something odd and I would get away from that person or call them out and say Knock it off with your negativity (if I knew them).

I could sense if I can trust a person or not, who's a liar, etc.

I was in denial about being Empath. At first I thought it was all the psychology knowledge I learned from work that was taking over me. But ever since the psychic told me and encouraged me to find out more information on it makes me feel like If I do have it then I'm not the only one in the world.

I don't know if I'm "fully" Empath or not. I read that empaths can feel everyone's emotions. For me, if I'm in a room with someone, it would take me a while to feel. Any tips or advice would really help me. Oh I forgot to mention, the psychic even pointed out that I'm the type of person when I feel negative energy hitting me, I push it back out. She stated that's why I don't feel over emotional like some empaths do. But when I do let the negative energy hit me (example arguing with a loved one) I feel like I have the worst headache ever that even Advil can't even cure. I also feel like something heavy is on me.

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KadimKid (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-05)
Empaths and being open are completely different. Empaths usually have insight into other's lives, ei dreams, visions, intuition. "Knowing" someone is angry with their mom, or "knowing" someone just lost a sibling. Empaths aren't emotional, in fact, the opposite. They tune in to someone else's emotions and moods, and therefore lack to express their own. Being an empath is more or less a curse, because premonition gifts come along with it. Knowing someone is lying, and knowing exactly what someone is lying about without even a question, isn't all it's cracked up to be. Most mistake empaths to just be overly caring and just the bestfriend to everyone. The only gift of an empath is understanding. That's it. It's all about being open to others, not others being open to you.

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