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The Strangest Day


Today has been the strangest day I have ever experienced.

I know based on my life and advice from others on this site that I am an Empath and I also have Psychic abilities that I am starting to work on and explore.

From around 09h30 this morning I have been receiving emotions that are DEFINITELY not mine along with an intense premonition. The premonition is quite difficult to explain. I feel like somehow a relationship is going to be forever different after today. It is going to be stronger and easier and more significant. I only get these premonitions about people that I am close to (emotionally) and I had a feeling that it was either my husband or my brother-in-law. I also felt like I have been receiving the random emotions from one of them. The whole day I have also felt like I am in two places at once. I know I am at work and I am capable of functioning normally at work but it feels like my brain is processing two places at once. That I am here and yet, not here. I don't know how else to describe it.

By communicating with my husband and brother-in-law (without letting them know what is happening) I determined that I have been receiving emotions from my brother-in-law. This leads me to believe that my premonition is about him too. I just don't know which of his relationships will be different after today. I have been picking up on his happiness, his excitement, his sadness and his boredom all day! Is it possible that the feeling of being in two places at once is because I have somehow connected with him very deeply on a psychic level today and am experiencing his day through his eyes? Am I in his head wherever he is?

Your opinions on this would be very welcome as I would like to learn all I can from people with more experience than me. Can anyone give what is happening to me today a name? Is it possible to consciously strengthen or weaken the link between us at will?

Sorry about how garbled this post is. I am barely able to make sense of any of this myself and putting it down in words has proved to be almost impossible.


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