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I keep seeing visions of what looks like a divorce between my wife and i. I know the place, people and I see maybe something that happens after it where I meet someone else or something. But it apparently I'm assuming I also see other stuff too but I don't want a divorce or any negative visions to keep happening. I also saw where my wife and I were to get married a few years prior, but it wasn't like this where it looks like I see things and they move and talk I assume. I did what people said to do on this forum and go by and or near places to get a stronger reading. I just don't want these visions to happen I want to stay with my wife. Also it would appear a book I wrote a few years ago is catching up to me, because it would seem it has some how predicated some of my future. My thing is how do I change it so we stay together or I can't figure out how to stop it. I have been getting obsessed over it and my wife keeps telling me were not getting a divorce but nothing is making this better. Someone please help make my future visions be positive so we don't end up divorced. Unless someone can pick up on the visions and guide me to the right path to avoid that all. I don't understand it's like its been haunting me for awhile now. I wish I knew when and how. I see my wife and I my mom her father in one room with our son and there with a woman with black hair then I see myself align in a contract maybe because my wife gets sick or maybe its a divorce. It's an office with what looks her fathers friend that's a lawyer that I do not know. I had to look up on the internet to figure it out. Everyone appears to not be happy. Then after that vision I had another vision where I see myself meeting someone at a store and taking to some woman with black hair. Then I see myself in another vision with my mother with the girl with black hair which appears to be a little girl that has blonde hair. None of this makes sense. I don't understand at all. I know this is everywhere but I can't figure it out. I have also been avoiding that same store in fear for awhile because I don't know if I will meet this person.

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