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Demon Days Aftermath


It has been 14 years since my first encounter with the paranormal and over 2 years since my deliverance from the demon. I didn't know that a demons presence would leave scars spiritually. I also didn't know how much of a role my ancestors played in my life only to find out that they were also mediums and we share the same beliefs. I have also told my friends and family that I'm a medium a secret that lasted 13 years. Ever since the day of freedom came I cannot shake the feeling that something inside me awoken.

I know that the the 3 entities from my first encounter of the paranormal were there to protect me from something that night. The thought popped into my head, was the demon trying to get me when I was 5? But stopped by the 3 entities? Are the 3 entities sent by God to protect me until the demon situation was over? I don't have enough information to conclude that it is, but is definitely a possibility and linked in a way. Another thing that caught my eye was that my ancestor died the same day I encountered the demon, just something that caught my interest.

My mother lost a child a year before I was born and then she had me, she believes in reincarnation. Another thought, was that me who died because the events that were suppose to happen to me couldn't happen because I came too early. If I was born a year early most likely none of my experiences and just about everything would have never happened. I know it's hard to believe and I even have a hard time with it too. I often find myself saying someday my war will end but not today.

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ohreally (1 stories) (68 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-13)
One question, what kind of deliverance did you go through two years ago? Thanks

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