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Psychic Blockages And Negative Energies


It's been a long while since I last posted a story here.I've been soul searching and it's really hard to find people with the same wavelengths. I've been experiencing involuntary OBE and lucid dreams.I've seen a glimpse of my past life too.

There was a moment when I met some people who had the same experience as me. I thought it's like I found my place. But deep inside something is quite NOT right with this one person.I'll name this person "E", he's quite knowledgeable in some magic stuffs but we differ in religious beliefs. To cut the story short he wanted to recruit me to his group but since I was sensing a different vibes like it's not good. I asked for signs in my dreams and prayed a LOT for this and the answer is a BIG NO. E was nice at first maybe to get my trust but when E realized I was not joining, E orchestrated a story about me, E did this to make up stories about me so that my other friends who he wants to recruit would leave me and ditch me. Actually I felt like I was being watched when I sleep, there were moments that I felt an energy around me in the middle of the night. I immediately prayed to my angels to remove that energy and I saw a bright white light while my eyes were closed and felt that the bad energy was gone.

After that encounter, I feel like being blocked when I try to meditate. I don't know if E did this or what. Can anyone help me how to cleanse of unblock these negative energies? Because I feel like somehow some negative energies still clings in my field.I'm becoming more and more sensitive to other people's emotions and it's hard for me to concentrate on meditating nowadays.

Sometimes I feel like being cursed or something, because ever since I was young I sense if there's someone around and I saw ghosts before.

I've read about bloodlines being cursed and it actually made me think if ours was cursed because constant bad luck seems to happen in my life and I sort of notice that in our family in my mother's side it's not odd to have relatives who never had a chance to get married. It actually became an inside joke within the family that we are prone to being old maids.

One thing came to my mind, because years ago I had a feng shui healing that cost me a LOT, because I had an incubus (it made it's presence noticeable when I reached 18 years old) she said and the healer removed it, she said it was guarding my mom but since my mom got married it was passed onto me. Now I don't feel it anymore. But there's this one thing I noticed with the healer, she used to tell me I have gifts but recently she said I should ignore it and if I want to she would like to close my gifts. After that I never came back to her again, she never told me why, when I used to come to her to tell her about my psychic experiences she keeps on telling me that it's just my mind but I know it's not. I had dreams that came true and I sometimes received messages from my dreams but lately, I think my psychic ability is waning or being blocked. When I try to meditate I usually feel vibrations but now I get dizzy and it doesn't feel good.

It's quite a struggle for me. Meeting deceptive people and unexpected bad things,it's just exhausting.

I hope someone could advise me on this.I'll be waiting. Thanks in advance.

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