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A Psychic Blockage


I have always wondered if I have some psychic ability. There have been several instances throughout my life that seemed more than coincidence. I have noticed that recently, there seems to be a decrease in my sensitivity to ghosts and also my general clairvoyance. In research and meditation, I have come to realize that possibly my root Chakra is blocked and I look forward to working with my Chakra's to get back to a place where I can become more aware of my universe.

Here are some of my stories. I have a few that involve having visions of things before they happen and dreams that have a symbolic attachment to something I see the next day. I am not looking for interpretation I want to explain how it seemed clairvoyant to me. One story is, I was camping with my mom. I was laying down feeling very peaceful and had just closed my eyes. Randomly and out of the blue, I had a vision of a Native American woman with very long hair slung over one shoulder, crossing my vision. It was quick and very much felt like I was seeing it in my head but I saw it. The next day, my mom and I were driving. I was reading and as my mom slowed the car, there was the woman from my vision walking across the street in front of the car.

Another time similar to this, I dreamed of a horrible storm happening above my high school. I had this dream in grad school. In the dream it was hurricane like winds and people running and screaming. I never dream of my high school. I have dreams which are set there such as involving old friends but nothing like this. When I got up the next morning, the news story that was on as soon as I flipped on the TV had a news reporter standing in front of my high school. Two teens had been killed in a car accident over night. I felt this was significant because I don't dream of my high school every night and my high school isn't on the news every day.

I have had several other premonitions that seem small in nature such as seeing a person in my mind (even a complete stranger) before they walk through a door including what they look like and their clothing. I also have seen what a person at a drive through window looks like before I pull up. This has happened several times. I also have had ghost experiences in nearly every house I live in. In some ways, I miss my clairvoyant experiences and I'm hoping working with Chakra's and Crystals will release this blockage.

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jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-10)
Dear Crystelle,

Since you are an adult I need to ask you one question. When you've been younger and started to experience anything spiritual, have you opened yourself to it or left it alone? In some cases even if one gets more experienced they may lose gifts due to any negativity that isn't dealt with properly.

If you seek help or advice, you can email me

PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-10)
If you are not experiencing stress or worrying about something, or dealing with a illness then your root-Chakra is not blocked. Symptoms of 1st-chakra closing can be physical pain and can include emotional pain.
The root-Chakra deals with our interactions in mind and body.

Your primary ability seems to have shifted to a lower gear. It sounds like your 3rd Eye is opening. Seeing the person before they appear is normal. I experience the same thing. So I understand your thoughts and concerns.

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