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Powers, Wisdom And Blockage


You may have read some of my comments around the site, I am a recent member on here and strive to help all in their endeavors as well as with their problems. Now to the point.

I believe I am an empath as well as have the ability to communicate with animals and see the future. I have also dabbled in the arts of the Wiccan (not relevant for now.)

So to begin, throughout my life, (I am fourteen - does that shock you?) I have had a multitude of supernatural experiences.

The first I remember is astral projecting out of Earth and visiting another species of life which I thought were toys:P

I have been visited by spirits of passed on loved ones as well and yet, ironically, have also had an unexplainable fear of the dark since I can remember.

The unfortunate deaths of dozens of pets has lead me to communicate with them in my dreams and also made me extremely sensitive to the thoughts and emotions of all living animals.

My dreams are often uncannily true with massive world wide events preceded by some sort of waring in my dream.

I have tried strengthening my psychic abilities before and although I can recite absolutely any method on HOW to learn and develop various skills, I can't actually follow those methods. I feel that I might be barred by the fact that I'm under age or that I am not ready even though I'm certain the knowledge comes from generations of past lives I have experienced before.

So basically, I have found that when somebody presents a problem here, or any sort of dilemma, I have the answer. It comes from somewhere I don't know and ends up on the page. All the information is validated by the feedback I receive and also by the success of those who follow it. Yet I can't seem to follow my own advice.

I was wondering if I could have feedback from somebody who may or may not be able to contact my guardian angel and ask what's going on or something?

Also feel free to ask and or offer feedback on the supernatural experiences I listed.

I know that those of you who read my comments and followed my advice didn't think I was so young and so if you could not disregard my advice because of that, I would truly appreciate.

Thanks in advance for those who give feedback and go to the effort to find out what's wrong with me:P

Cinnamonwarlock [smile]

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cinnamonwarlock (1 stories) (20 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-19)
Thanks Ananda. The thing is I have never had clear motives. I am definite that the source of my knowledge is one of great soul and even better intention. It IS the result of numerous past lives as well as a great spirit guide. If there WAS evil, I'd know.
As an adolescent, I struggle with karma, being attracted to the material and not enough to doing good. I'm sure that my abilities would develop if I was that much nicer so maybe they'll have to wait until I'm older:P
Thanks for the advice, one of the main reasons for the article was whether or not someone could contact my spirit guide, check that I have one:P

Thanks again, others feel free to comment:)

AnandaHya (guest)
13 years ago (2011-01-18)
intentions? Do you have pure intentions? Do you do it for your own power and glory or to help others?

Or it could be for your own protection. You think you have a lot of answers, but I'm over twice your age and have experienced a lot and I don't feel like I have that many answers. The universe is very vast. All the spirits that talk through you may not be very nice or benevolent. You say you don't know where the answers come from, my first suggestion is to find out.

The source and its motives might become crucial for your own understanding and advancement in this world.

Do no be fooled, some spirits will "help" you and give you good solid advice that you could figure out yourself if you used your own brain. However, they do not do it for free. They take away with them some of your built up good karma from previous lifetimes. Eventually when the storehouse is depleted you will lose your abilities unless you continually add good karmic actions and treasures too the storehouse.

It is your decision and your life. My suggestion is do more research and learn as much as possible so that you may not only have knowledge, but also wisdom of how to use it in your own life.

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