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I am a 15 year old girl. It is been an year since I have realized my psychic abilities. I want to share my experiences with you people so that I can understand them more because I don't know anything about them. In my life until now I have been through a lot, and during this process. When I just kind of break down you can say... I realized my psychic abilities.

1.I can feel if something wrong is going to happen in future.

2.I can see death visions.

3.I can feel if someone is lying to me. No matter what he/she is a stranger or a known person I can feel it.

4.Whenever there is a bad spirit around me I can feel it. Most of the time, when this happens it feels like someone is stoping me like someone is controlling me.

I don't know how this happens but at that time. I can feel heaviness in my soul it feels like every single drop of energy in me., is being soaked by someone who is not even visible to me.

It feels like I am attracting them to me, my legs jam at that time. I can't even walk properly for 2-3 days it feels like those bad spirits or vibes are trying to control me this is the thing which I hate about myself most like how can someone which is not even visible to me tries control me!

How can it affect me this much. I have no control over me at that time. Those bad spirit or bad vibrations affect me a lot. I just hate when this happens. I need help regarding this prob!

5.if there is a sad person around me no matter what he/she is a stranger or a known person. I can feel their sorrow, pain, depression in me as a result this makes me sad too it feel like I am absorbing their pain, absorbing their negativity or from whatever they are going through

Similarly when a happy person is around me. I can feel their happiness if it for a good reason I can feel it through deep in my soul I can distinguish between fake and real happiness and this makes me happy it feels like I m absorbing their positivity at that time it feels like my soul is smiling.

6.i can see visions in my dreams too.

7.i feel attracted to positive vibes. It feels like they are my life lines. Without them I am nothing.

I just want to know how to control whenever a bad spirit tries to take control over me.

As it feels like they are soaking my positivity from me. That is why I feel week at that time it feels like someone in me is fighting with those negative vibrations so that they won't possess me.

How can I make these abilities strong so that these unwanted things won't affect me. This happened to me like 2-3 times please give your suggestions regarding my problem. What can I do to solve this!

More about my experiences about these abilities I'll tell you in my next article. And I also try to talk about my incidents regarding these abilities in my next article.



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KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
5 years ago (2017-02-15)
Sayra_kheng, what a terrible experience! If you would like to know how to "get rid of" bad energy's then you must maybe, look into religion. Do you have a religion? I know people are always saying this, it seems like the same story you hear again and again, be good a girl and everything will work out fine! What I would suggest is to get an item like a cross or pendulum or something that when you touch it, it must feel like it represents within in you these things; that you are SAFE, Happy, strong, thinking clearly - you can see everything clearly and you understand, and faith. Every night say your favorite saying or prayer with the object in your hand. When you feel like you are in any trouble, hold the object and say the prayer again, and then say, "you can not harm me, please go away from me. You can not control me, please go away from me". You can say this without being angry or shouting, you can just say it clearly and so you want to be left alone. You remember that you are safe and happy no matter what happens - and you hold the object in your hand.

You can also, surround yourself with a white light which is your protection. The white light is like a wall or barrier against anything you do not want around you that is bad. The white light is as strong as the strongest wall ever built, absolutely nothing in this world can get through it! Not even a nuclear bomb! The bomb will just disappear or explode, but, it will not come close to you because you are protected. Then say, "thank-you God" or to whom ever you are saying thank-you. "Thank-you for protecting me, that nothing will ever hurt me or control me with you watching over me. Nothing can get through my wall. You are watching over me."

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