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Feeling Misunderstood


I don't exactly know where to begin. So, I will do my best to convey what I desire to share at this time. Ever since I was a child, very unusual things have taken place along the realms of paranormal activity. Me being a child, I never understood it all, or had the adequate knowledge to articulate my concerns to another person, let alone describe the experiencee I've had. I'm in my early 30s now, and it's gotten significantly stronger and highly developed. I'm a natural psychic and empath with healing abilities... I have always been affected by the energetic frequencies of others. Which is why I don't like to spend much time around others. Through some intense internal work and reaching out to others like me via internet media, I have begun to develop the ability to control this effect by others. Particularly toxic beings who I don't wish to allow entrance into my energetic field. I have been taking notice of other things. I can hear other people's thoughts. All of the time! I feel like this ability is rather intrusive and I prefer not to entertain it often, but I find that the more I try to shut it down, the more pronounced it becomes. And that's not all. In the last nine months, I've learned to use water scrying to astral project during wake\ sleep cycles. I have connected to someone living on the other side of the world, and among other things. Things that I feel, say at times, and do now physically don't feel like me. Have you ever studied the twinflame theory? It's deep. Anyway, I want to speak about something else that has begun to develop. About nine months ago, I realized that electrical objects and appliances within proximal vicinity are influenced by my moods. At first, I only dismissed it as a mere coincidence. But, after so many episodes, I know otherwise. I try to control my emotions because when I feel very sad, or angry, lights blow in my house. I've blown out electrical fuses in places I've lived the last two to three years, just off of being upset or emotionally hurt by events happening in my life. The place I live in now, it has gotten worse. I have caused defects in my microwave. It had a serious defect and recently I was upset with my pet for defecating inside the house, and I went to put him on time out in my bathroom. When he tried to run away I pushed him back inside, and there was a fan plugged up in there because it gets very humid this time of year so I like to keep air circulating. When I yelled, the fan immediately shut down! I went to check the switch, nothing. It was plugged in, but blown. I had to throw it out. Six months ago, I was in bed crying. I had a space heater plugged up in my bedroom, and it shut down. When I calmed again, it operated as normal. This has never happened, as my heater didn't have a timer setting. I had an argument with a neighbor once, and I was in my house after the fact. I was very angry, trying to calm myself but I couldn't. I felt something jolt inside me and suddenly, I heard a thud in my bathroom. When I went to see what happened, the entire light panel hanging over my bathroom sink had come down from the wall, with all the wires hanging exposed. I felt really afraid. I was working on something in my kitchen last week and felt frustrated. So, I went to my fridge for a bottled water. The light bulb immediately blew as soon as I stuck my hand in the refrigerator, and I had to replace it. I have begun to be able to see through things, like windows, and gather images from behind walls. Two days ago, I had boiled some hot water to put in my tub, and when I went to get in, I got singed-all of a sudden, my daughter came running into the bathroom and panicking because the massage chair in my bedroom had turn on and gone haywire! The day before yesterday, I was using my massage chair and when I went to turn it off by remote, I realized that the remote cord wasn't even plugged in. You can't operate this chair without the remote because even while. Plugged in, it must be turned on first. I just sat there with the cord in my hand and watched this chair running. It felt very scary and confusing to me because I didn't know what else to do. These are just to name a few. Some of the other occurrences have been almost dangerous. I was in the car with someone last year, and going home. The person was having a conversation that I found to be very disturbing, but since it wasn't my business, I tried to just block it out. But, I felt so bothered... When I arrived home, I was going to put my key in my door, but I felt frozen to that spot and kept watching this person as they were driving away. I felt so disgusted by what I had heard... Before they could turn the corner and vanish, the hub cap or something similar suddenly flew off the wheel, and they had to pull off to the side of the road at a green light and call for roadside assistance! I was so shocked! I waited to make sure that the person was alright and that help was on the way. Once they came and told me they were alright, I felt relieved, but still guilty that I knew I'd caused this. I was upset over the conversation, but it's not in my nature to harm another person intentionally. Can someone please help me to get a better understanding of what's happening to me? I can't talk to anyone in my community about my gifts, as I practice another religion, and I fear that if anyone knew what I am capable of they would shun me and possibly associate such phenomena with the Devil. I am drawn to spirituality, although having very religious tones... I just would like some answers that put this into a clearer perspective without being judged by those of lesser knowledge. Thank you.

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Trlblazr (1 stories) (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-22)
Adding on to Anne's comment, grounding and meditation are great ways to release some of that energy back into the earth. If you feel angry, frustrated, sad, etc., try to visualize yourself calm and surrounded by a calming light of your choice.
I'm an empath or hypersensitive so it's extremely difficult for me to go into public spaces. I get angry, impatient and frustrated. Sometimes it gets to me and if I'm grounded, it doesn't. Always know that you are not alone.

AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
5 years ago (2019-04-09)
What is your method with the water scrying? That sounds really interesting.

As for being an empath, it's wise that you guard your own space. It's perfectly ok to set strong boundaries. I wrote an article on Empaths on this site because so many people struggle with dealing with all that goes with it.

It's not totally oncommon that people with strong energy can affect electrical devices. Strong energy people (as you found out) can also affect situations, other people's thoughts and so on. Think of Yoda when he talks about "the Force". Not to joke but with you it is strong.

The question people usually start to ask is "now what?" So you know your an emapth, pychic, and healer. What is it you want to do? Improve your skills? Help others? Teach? What is "happening to you" is not above what is happening to a lot of people but most people successfully suppress it due to fear. We are all spirits inhabiting a body to learn and experience while here on the physical plane. What we do, where we go, the choices we make and the impact we have are all up to us. We can be of service to self or a mix of that and a service to others. We aren't just humans, but energy beings having a human experience.

Thanks for sharing.

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