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Seeing The Future (and A Little Freaked Out By This!)


I had a very strong experience yesterday, and I found this website after some googling. I am very confused right now about what I have seen and experienced, I never used to believe that psychic experiences were real until I had one...

So, I work as an exotic dancer. I have worked at a few different clubs now. About five months ago, I was doing a dance for a customer, and had a very strong vision of dancing to someone else in a different room, at a different club. Except that I had never been to this other club before that I saw in my mind. I remember sitting in the dressing room afterwards trying to think if I've been anywhere that looked like the room in my vision. I couldn't remember anything. I didn't understand how I could possibly feel like I have a memory of something that never happened. It really baffled me that night. But as some time went by I moved on and forgot about it.

I started working at a different club this week. I get deja vu's a lot, but being inside this club is like a constant, continuous, deja vu. Something about the place just feels extremely familiar. It feels very cosy and homely, like I've already spent a lot of time there, like I have lots of very good happy memories there, but I have only spent a couple of nights there now. I did get an extremely strong deja vu the first night I worked there when I looked at the dressing room through the mirror and felt like I could remember the room, like I had spent a lot of time there in another life or something, but obviously a deja vu is not a psychic experience so I'll move on from that!

But last night I was doing a dance for someone, and I remembered my vision from a few months ago and realised this was the moment I had seen in the vision, this was the room that I couldn't recognise back then but I was in the room now! It felt like another deja vu, except that I didn't feel like I had experienced the situation before, I knew I was experiencing it for the first time but I remembered remembering the situation beforehand, having that memory of it before it ever happened! It was really challenging to try and continue to act as normal while going through this very intense experience.

I feel like my whole world view has been turned upside down... I feel very excited, but also very lost, with this new ability. I have no idea what to do with it or where to start with learning more about it and learning how to control it?

Now that I think about it, I know I've seen at least one other vision of the future before, but I haven't experienced it in real life yet. The visions are very different from any ordinary thoughts as they come "out of nowhere" interrupting anything else I'm thinking about or experiencing, and they're very vivid and detailed, filled with both emotional and visual details. It's like having a memory of something significant that happened in the past, except that what I see and feel is much stronger than if it was a memory.

One thing I'm both interested in and slightly scared about is the connection between mirrors and these visions. This new club is filled with mirrors, and I seem to "remember" the place better when I look at it through a mirror than if I look only through my own eyes.

As a child and a young teenager, I used to be very afraid of mirrors in the dark, as I felt they revealed a different side to me and my environment than what I would ever see in the daylight... Everyone used to think of it as a bit of a funny thing to be afraid of, but for me it was very serious as every time I would look at a mirror in the dark I'd feel things I didn't want to feel and get glimpses of something moving in the background, just out of my sight, and it would freak me out so much. Even now I try to avoid ever looking at mirrors in the dark!

But I'm wondering if the mirrors could then act as some sort of a psychic tool? Maybe there is some sense to my old fear, maybe they do reveal things that are hard to see with the physical eyes?

A part of me is very worried that I'm just losing my mind. But I do also believe that what I've experienced did really happen and maybe it's opening a door to something new and exciting... I also have someone in my close family with some psychic abilities, so maybe I'm like her and I'm not so crazy... (I didn't even fully believe her stories about her psychic gifts until now! But now they all make so much sense!)

I would really appreciate any comments from you! Has anyone experienced, or knows someone who has experienced, anything similar? Where could I look into for researching this new ability more? I'd love to talk to anyone who is more experienced and understands these types of experiences more! I feel like I really need some guidance with this.

Or if you think I am just going a little crazy and my mind is playing tricks on me, do let me know too, I won't be offended.;)

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Rahnihl (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-27)
You're not going crazy, you're seeing your own future that is yet to happen and it either is a promise or a warning. I'm an alchemist and I have seen dreams of my future and they all have happened later on in life, the deja vu you felt is your inner soul telling you to be aware of what is to come soon. Whenever I felt deja vu, I stop and carefully consider the possible paths I'm about to take as they can serve as a warning of the outcomes.
You're not alone in seeing your future in dreams, it is your soul that managed to cross the Time barrier and see what is to come soon, I havee seen several dreams that I crossed the barrier and then I go backward to the beginning and there is someone that runs to me yelling "you were not meant to see this! Now wake up!" and I would jolt awake with the visions still fresh. Many of them I have never forgotten and while the dreams is never clear (think of how hazy and hard to see at times they sometimes are) and I could hear someone (usually my cats that's passed on) talking to me but is never clear until that moment happens and it gets very clear. Meditating and listening to your soul will help you be more aware of what dreams and visions happens. Hope this helps you know you're not alone and that you're not crazy.
Sharelle (6 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-13)
Mirrors and pools or bowls of water are like crystal balls - they are commonly used for divination purposes. You do sound like you have gifts in this direction. Try and conquer your fear and develop your ability by gazing into a mirror, even in the dark! Your fear may be based on a past-life experience where using your psychic powers brought you trouble and misery. But history doesn't have to repeat.

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