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Help Me By Strange Feeling In My Head After Telekinesis


I need Help of a Telekinesis Specialist.

I am Advanced in Telekinesis. After two years of practicing, one day this feeling began in my head. It is no headache. Looks like something moving under the skin and I feel a pressure in my head. It is really strange.

I could do controlled Telekinesis before, but since the day, direction of moving objects is not easily under my control and my TK Power has decreased. I mean I could move or rotate objects in certain direction. But now I can not do that easily and when I try harder, the strange feeling in the head gets stronger like moving a worm under the skin (45 degree right front side of my head).

Every time I begin to concentrate on an object to move it, this feeling in my head appears and I fear it could making physical damage.

First I thought it is a nerve problem. I was by a Brain specialist and made even MRI. I was really Frightened and thought I have a Tumor but the Doctor could find nothing.

Physically everything is ok with me.

Now I am Sure I that the Problem is Telekinesis related. I write this Documentation after many months of research and tests on myself.

I have no power to move object heavier than a cigarette but I can for example rotate 8 PSI wheels together at once in the same direction for a long time.

About Me: I am Architect and Music Producer. 5 Years ago I found out I can Move objects. I was very sceptic because I am a logical Person and did all possible tests to reject my ability and believe TK exists. During 2 Years Practicing, Meditation and daily Training, I made a very good progress, until the Day this Pressure in my head appeared.

I stopped TK for 2 Years. After 2 months from stopping TK, the Head Problem was fully disappeared and forgotten.

Now I have started TK again and surprisingly the same Feeling in my head has Appeared.

I don't want to give up TK. It gave and opened me a new Dimension to my Life, I never experienced. I hope someone can help me to understand my problem and solve it.

Please answer only if You think You can help.

I need really an experienced Help.

Thanks in advance.

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Harmonix (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 months ago (2023-08-18)
I'm not a tk specialist but I can tell you that there's a big chance that some rather interested ET's have tampered with your ability to do tlknesis. Ever heard of archon implants? Well it's real and welcome to world of wicked intelligent species. I know what to do in a situation like this but I can't comment the solution publicly here. I assume you're still practicing tlknesis?
Avoresees (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-22)
So when you are practicing TK with worm feeling and head pressure, you are breaking through your physical body, and expanding yourself, the spiritual energy. Don't fear yourself from the worm feeling and head pressure. Hope this helps. And good luck getting back into TK and the new dimension. ❤
Avoresees (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-22)
Be immune to the worm feeling and head pressure. Because you have no worm feeling and head pressure.
Ismael (26 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-21)
Hi aminomo;
Do You could know how teleknesys works? According to a spiritualist hypotesis, it works expanding our spiritual body to come over material objects and move them. We have a material body and a spiritual body, made with spritual fluid, not else admited by science, but it is a kind of "materia" too, but in another vibrational frequency. So, maybe you are using to mutch energey or are not replacying that in a wrigth way. I device you to make meditation and reiki to balance yours chakras.
asdfasfga234 (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-13)
Oh my god. I'm getting the same thing after using my precognition. My symptoms are: Runny nose. (Right nostril) 😨 😲

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