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For the first time in my life, I had no doubt that I had communicated with a person that had passed on.

Like most people, I've had odd experiences that I couldn't easily explain throughout my life. This experience occurred a little over a year ago and solidified so many questions that I had floating around in my head. It was late and I was messaging with a friend that I hadn't known for long but we had been chatting casually for a few weeks. We were talking about our plans for the upcoming holiday when I felt this overwhelming sensation- a buzzing feeling that turned into a ringing in my ears. All of a sudden I felt this anxiety that came out of nowhere and my fingers started to feel like ice. Only on one other occasion has something similar happened and that was when I 'thought' I felt a presence around me.

This time, I began to see a young man pacing around in my head, I felt a sense of sorrow and the urge to ask the woman I was talking to if she knew of anyone fitting the description I was getting. I was very apprehensive but the more reluctant I was to say anything, the more persistent the energy got. Granted, up until this point I had only read palms and could gauge a persons energy pretty well as far as 'reading' a person but never thought it possible for spirit to come through. It was strange and unfamiliar and I didn't know how to respond, I just knew that I had to say something or else I would feel like I was going to jump out of my skin.

So I asked her if she knew a young man fitting the description I was seeing and she confirmed. As soon as she acknowledged him a flood of information just started pouring in without intending to, I saw and described his house, his hair, could describe his personality and emotional state near the end. The part that really frightened me was as all this was happening, I started to feel shaky all over like the room had turned into an ice box, the temperature in the room stayed the same but I Felt like I couldn't stay warm. Since the house was mostly dark at the time, I looked into the adjacent room and there are 2 power lights from a computer and screen that stay lit constantly, I saw a silhouette of him waist up clearly and it was blocking one of the lights. I literally felt someone in my space before I saw his silhouette.

I had only seen a spirit one other time in my life and that was when I was 7 years old, I was speechless. I heard 1 phrase that I repeated to her, he said "It's not what they think it is...", I told her everything and just waited for her response.

She confirmed everything and told me that she was talking to a close friend the day before about him, he had passed away 9 months prior and it was her friends son, she was still in distress and had a hard time dealing with it since it was suspicious. She said authorities were still trying to determine if his passing was a suicide or drug overdose.

After our conversation, she wondered if she should relay the message to her friend, I told her given her emotional state it may not be the best thing for her but I'm sure she may have said something given their relationship. Once everything was said, things calmed down and I started to feel like myself again, relieved though that she was able to actually pass a message to a friend that needed to hear something other than platitudes.

I haven't had that strong of a connection since then but that memory is ingrained in me as one of the most powerful experiences to date. I think back to that day and think about how many times in the past I would get impressions and just dismiss them, could they have ended the same way had I said something? I can honestly say that Validation can be very powerful.

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