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Getting Scratches In My Sleep


It all started a few weeks ago while I was trying to fall asleep. Suddenly, I get this man just standing in front of me. I just looked at him for 10-15 second then I tried to get around him, but he would not let me get around. Then I decided to use force. I had made a sword and charged at him (I do not know why I did it I just did) and when I came close and attacked, he blocked it. After that, it started attacking me but I manage to block some of his attacks but it only got stronger and quicker. After what felt like a few minutes of blocking his attack, my shield broke and I decided to run away in the opposite direction but he Catch up. And after that, my eyes open. I looked around to see if anything was there, but nothing. After that, I Just decided to go back to sleep since I had school tomorrow.

The morning after that, I woke with a long and thin vertical scratch close h my chin. I thought it might have been from shaving but I did not do that. After that, I got like 20 scratches (just guessing) on my neck. My mother saw it and ask me what happened. I respond with I do not know, she was not convinced. After those scratches, I would have had several times where I woke up with scratches that I do not remember getting or making myself. I would get some on my face, neck, shoulder, chest, back, but not on my legs with I never got. Also, most of them are like if a cat scratch me, they are long, thin and I don't even have a cat. They are red but not deep enough to cause bleeding.

Why I told the story at the beginning is because I think this is why I am getting these scratches. What do you think I am getting these? What thing was I fighting? If my story at the top is related to them? Should I confront it again or let it pass? Are there other ways to stop this from happening? I would appreciate it so much if you could tell me if this happened to you before or just give me some information on this subject by answering my question.

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jacobcoco (2 stories) (7 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-18)
Thank you Boson, I will look at ways to practice spiritual protection and try to find a psychic in my region that could tell me. Also yesterday I got one of these scratches in my ear.
Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-16)
Hi jacobcoco,

If I were you, the first step would be to practice spiritual protection each night before you go to sleep. That should stop the attacks. The second step would be to figure out why this happened to you and who that spirit was. Unless you are psychic yourself, you would have to ask a psychic for that information.


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