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Sleep Issue Or Something Else?


This scenario happens in spits and spats, it isn't constant but it happens on a regular basis. To start with I do sleepwalk, and on occasions have hurt myself, once almost fatally from falling down stairs. Nowadays I lock my door with a key and put it somewhere else as I won't go and find the key while sleep walking.

When I was younger I used to suffer, on rare occasions, from what gets described as sleep paralysis. Couldn't move nor speak. As I have gotten older just of late, surprisingly after moving to a new place, that is an old place it has started happening again, but different. Now I am finding I wake and feel somewhat lucid and can hear noises and then I go to get out of bed, but struggle to move, like there is a weight upon me, like something holding me back. I can eventually get up out of bed and walk around the unit looking for the noise and see nothing, BUT, while I am walking I am struggling to move, it's strange it's like there is this weight down upon me, I eventually am able to say something and inevitably I shout out "F^%$ Off" and leave me alone, I think I say that because I feel there is someone else, maybe that's just what my brain perceives with me waking to a noise. I don't know if I am am being targeted by some being or if it is a sleep disorder of some sort but it is driving me nuts. Damn I am an analytical logical sort of guy, I am an IT guy, I don't believe in god nor spirits for that matter but this thing is getting to me. Just last night I had this again, and as I cursed I managed to switch the light on and heard what sounded like, I dunno, a gecko rapidly making a sound, damn eerie I tell you.

I don't tell people this of a norm in normal day to day life they probably wouldn't look at me the same way again.

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Greggb (6 stories) (25 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-18)
Yeah, there's a certain part of the brain that actually paralyzes our bodies when we fall asleep. It's meant to prevent us from acting out our dreams. Scientists have either removed or disabled these parts in lab animals, and they've gotten up and move around in pretty lucid states. The fact that you sleepwalk probably means there's something not quite right with this part of your brain.

That panicky feeling you're talking about isn't just the result of sleep paralysis. It's the result of being in a semi-conscious state when sleep paralysis is still occurring.

That lucid state you're talking about is a state of semi-consciousness. I think this is when most people lucid dream. I know that's when I lucid dream.

I haven't heard many people describe an experience like yours. I actually have one very similar, though I am aware of the fact that I'm dreaming. I know that it's not being caused by an entity. But it's pretty scary all the same. It's most scary for me because I actually can't breathe for what seems like a long time (it may not actually be that long, but it feels like it is).

There have been myths where this experience is believed to be the visitation of a demon. So evidently it's common to get the sensation of evil. It seems like someone said this is caused by the feeling of vulnerability this brings about. For what it's worth.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-06-28)
Sleep paralysis is a real thing but who you ask will result in different explanations. The body is asleep but the mind awake. I find we are like radios in that state and can pick up different and broader frequencies. I've heard songs, the radio giving the correct time (I didn't even have a radio), voices, you name it. It's also very scary because you're fully alert and can hear unpleasant noises or even feel touching. As for whether someone or something is really there, we can't know for sure but telling "it" to go away is probably a good move. I know you don't believe in paranormal stuff, but next time you're sleep walking and are not sure you're in a dream, try spinning around. If you're sleep waking, you'll just spin, but if you've actually left your body then you'll feel the massive vibrations associated with astral projection. Then your reality will forever be altered:-)

I spent 17 years in technology as a sql server database administrator. You can be in technology AND not be insane.

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