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I had a traumatic childhood and learnt very young how to disassociate by using breathe techniques. I communicated to spirits through different means either just talking and hearing them inside my head but as a different voice. Often by glass and scrabble letters. I would hypnotize my friends to act out of character and get ice cream from freezer and ignore her mum but many other things.

I had many experiences through seances (from ages 8 and up) and was once asked by a spirit called Ken (hehe! No mystical name there!) if I would help him. I said sure what do I have to do? He said I simply need to call upon 'Jane' and 'Bill' and they will come through. I asked why couldn't he do that and he answered that they were in another dimension one that he was unable to reach without the aid of one that can be a link (not sure if on Earth was necessary). Any way I called them up and I witnessed a conversation between them where Ken apologized and said he loved them and they said likewise. Ken then offered to be, as he put it, my gatekeeper. Which he explained is just means that he can filter out the troublesome and time wasting ones. He also said I could do without the glass etc.

He explained the process quite basic and very unmystical lol! He likened seances or connection to spirit to an old telephone exchange where the operator (Ken) plugs me into the connection desired, so instead of phone number it would be spirit and could be from different dimensions.

A very unusual case was when I contacted a girl called Sarah, she said I was on her list (I thought great! Hit list lol!). She said she was one of the witches who named other witches to save herself and I had been one. She went on to say it was in this lifetime that we met. I questioned her and she asked me did I remember saving a kitten back in 1979. I said no, tell me more she said you found me at the rubbish depot in Nth Queensland. And suddenly I did remember. I called her Garbo after Greta Garbo but a pun because she was going at garbage dump. I didn't remember what happened to her she said eventually hit by a car after I rehoused her with a friend.

I thought of that for a long time and questioned how did that actually redeem her and then it hit me. I was pregnant with my first daughter, about 7 months when I found Garbo. We had organised fishing and picnic around the coast a bit. After arguing with my partner who was very disappointed I said I was staying home to settle Garbo in.

As time went on I started to feel very guilty as my partners parents had traveled down and I had upset my partner. So I made sure Garbo was okay and then proceeded to walk along the cape over jagged rocks in the hot sun of Nth Qld.

It took me an hour or so and found them packing up and heading back. What a relief as they had driven there.

Later that evening I started to swell everywhere and was raced to hospital, turned out I had severe toxaemia and we especially my daughter were at very high risk.

This, I believed would have not been picked up and treated immediately had I not ever exerted myself. I believe Sarah saved my daughters life, or at very least from being critically ill.

Well have run out of time and actually didn't even mention what I wanted to write which is about a little 5-6 year old girl in a whitish dress that has been around my daughter and I on and off for many years and whom woke me from deep sleep and then was gone, the 2x nights before that I awoke from deep sleep with tv going so last night turned power for TV off at the socket so then I awoke to her instead.

Bye until next story 🦋

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