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I am trying to find an answer to what I experienced when I was a young child. I have wondered about this my whole life. Here goes. I would be laying in bed and would feel like electric buzzing overcame me. I felt like I was a tiny miniscule particle in a vatst immeasurable dark space. I felt like I was this tiny particle being held by a large protective hand. I would also experience a large dark presence that was not solid while the electric feeling was upon me. My sister 2 years older than me slept in the same bed with me. When the experiences would happen I would ask her... Did you feel that? Did you see that? And she never did... She always said what are you talking about. Go to sleep. So does anyone have any idea what this experience was? So like I said before, these experiences happened several times when I was probably 3 to 5 years old. They all happened when I was laying in bed before I fell asleep. I was a little afraid but the feeling was also extremely comfortable and felt very safe and protective. I was very young, but during and after the experiences I would feel as though I was being shown what I really was, what my purpose was. That I was a tiny particle that was a part of this vast immeasurable place, like a galaxy, it was a moving huge place. I felt like I was a miniscule piece of something huge and limitless. I hope to find some answers here, I have wondered about this my whole life. It will be really wonderful to find out if anyone out there may have an idea what these experiences were or what they mean. Thanks for listening...Jill

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-26)
It just sounds as if you were born with this awareness of knowing we are a micro piece of the macro cosmic universe.

Buddhist speak about how we are all interconnected. This has been said in science as atoms and molecules and carbon of all life form.
There was a science project called OPERA I believe in Italy-which said there are duplicates of our self in parallel worlds.

Hope this helps

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